World of Work Ends On A High Note

World of Work Ends On A High Note

In its last day, (Friday August 17, 2012) the Durban University of Technology World of Work ends with something to look forward to next year, with the South African Air Force arriving by helicopter to the event.

Speaking at the event, Air Force representatives said their plan was to arrive with their machines and other aircrafts to showcase to the students. “Unfortunately we couldn’t get any as they were booked for training,” said Colonel Alec Kitley, Officer Commanding the Air Force Base in Durban. “We have booked to bring the material for next year’s WoW, making it easier for students to see what we are about and also show that we have a variety of departments that would cater for most courses”, he said.

Providing more than career information, the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) also provided a platform for students who wanted to donate blood. “We have been coming here as SANBS, for the past three years. The progress has grown since then, not only for us but for other companies as well. When it started out, there were a few stands but now, there are more options which is great and as SANBS, this has been our best year at WoW thus far”, said Enver Geilink, SANBS Marketing Representative.

Stephen Bonhomme, Principal Engineer at Toyota and BTech Mechanical Engineer Graduate from DUT went through the same phase of WoW as a student while studying at DUT. “Being here assisting students is a great opportunity for the company to recruit young minds. I was also recruited the same way, so for me it is very nice to share my story with other people who want to join the company”, he said.

–Nomvula Sikakane and Nongcebo Khumalo
Front Row (L-R): Leesha Raman; SANBS Technical Training Officer, Vanitha Rambiritch; SANBS Head of Technical Training and Hillary Zitha; SANBS National Manager of Technical Training.
Back Row (L-R): Nokuzola Guzana; SANBS Training Consultant, Enver Gielink; SANBS Marketing Representative and Bongiwe Zungu; SANBS Technical Training Officer.

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