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DUT To Host Youth Lecture

DUT To Host Youth Lecture

Students of the Durban University of Technology are invited to attend a public lecture at the Cane Growers Hall in ML Sultan Campus today, 23 August 2012.

The lecture, scheduled to start at 2pm, is an initiative of the Young Communist league of South Africa (YCLSA), KwaZulu Natal branch, an affiliate of the DUT SRC. The topic is: The role of young people and students in the Mass Democratic Movement, in pursuit of the National Democratic Revolution.

Mzamo Khanyile, DUT SRC President and also Secretary of the KZN branch of YCLSA noted that the young generation today seems to have lost a sense of direction. Poverty, unemployment as well as drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent issues in our society. As the future leaders of this country, the youth needs to unite and devise ways in which it can counter these social ills. “We need to get back to basics and mobilize the youth again,” said Khanyile.

The best way to achieve this is through seeking the advice of the older and wiser generation, Khanyile recommended. For this reason, YCLSA approached three speakers, in the political arena, to deliver speeches on the chosen topic today.

Although the topic is taken from a political point of view, Khanyile assures that this lecture will benefit all young people, those who are politically inclined and even those who are not.

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