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Always Aim High Says Graduate Dube

Always Aim High Says Graduate Dube

Graduating with Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit Award is a dream come true for Lucky Dube. 

The 24-year-old go-getter obtained Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit Award for his National Diploma in Management Sciences Public Management (Supply Chain), at DUT’s Spring Virtual Graduation ceremony, on Monday, 30 November 2020. 

Obtaining such an accolade for me has always been in the list of the things I wanted achieve, because that is what it is for me, an award for my hard work. I feel so honoured and blessed because not everyone gets to obtain a Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit Award. My mother was also so happy as she always believed I could do so much,” he said proudly. 

When he first came to university, his mother said to him to that he should not let university life change him and to never forget his humble beginnings. He further added that she indicated to him that his family were relying on him to change his family situation, and that is what kept him going. His goal was to always make his mother proud. 

The hard-working and ambitious Dube had always wanted to have an insight on procurement related concepts, so that is how he fell in love with the course, Supply Chain Management. 

However, being a student has its ups and downs. “The tough part was having to study for tests and exams as well as doing assignments, but I managed to pull through because of the dedication I had towards my studies,” he said. 

Dube said that he is presently doing his Advanced Diploma in Public Administration (Supply Chain Management), full-time. Going forward, he aims to have his own business.  

His advice to future DUT students is to do their best always. “All I can say is, put in the effort, don’t allow yourself to be lazy, always aim high,” he said. 

Pictured: Lucky Dube 

Waheeda Peters 

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