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Becoming a Homoeopathic Doctor is a Dream Come True For Minenhle Zondi

Becoming a Homoeopathic Doctor is a Dream Come True For Minenhle Zondi

Becoming a homoeopathic practitioner is a dream come true for the dynamic Dr Minenhle Zondi (MTech: Homoeopathy), director and owner of Phikelela Health Solutions PTY (LTD), a medical practice where she works at the Berea Centre, Durban.

“It hasn’t sunk in me that I finally have my own practice. Because of my humble background, I never thought I will finally be able to open my own practice as a homoeopathic practitioner and be able to stand tall because of the financial challenges I had to go through,” she said elatedly.

Her academic journey was not a pleasant one, it took her 11 years for a programme of six years. My first four years were ravaged with illness. However, she survived and succeeded against all odds. Consequently, her sickness shaped the basis of her perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of homoeopathy. She has proven to herself and family, mentors and friends that determination and focus in achieving one’s goal is not determined by the obstacles that we are faced with, but how one can overcome such. Her doctors and specialists are still amazed that she is alive and well with no sign of backing down.

Dr Zondi believes she plays a s vital role in society as a homoeopathic doctor as homoeopathy is still not a well-known and popular profession; many people still confuse it with other professions such as allopathic practitioners and herbalists. “Most of the medication people take cause aggravations, others cause organ impairment but homoeopathy medication is holistic, safe and has no side effects instead it stimulates one’s vital force to fight against any infection causing a disease,” she said.

Dr Zondi’s main goal as a homoeopathic doctor is to make more people aware of homoeopathy and for homoeopathy to be recognised in communities, to also introduce it to different communities especially in the rural areas. She added that a medical practice cannot be successful if no patients patronise it, therefore her other main goal is to run a successful practice, expand and introduce other procedures under the scope of homoeopathy that might assist the community and create jobs as the practice successfully develops.

She added that traditional medicine plays a vital role in the medical field especially in the African countries. Dr Zondi stressed that according to the World Health Organisation, about 80% of the African population uses traditional medicine. “This may be due to the fact that before the establishment or the introduction of science based medicine/Western medicine, traditional medicine was ideal and dominant and it has always been part of the African culture and beliefs,” she said.

Speaking more about how DUT enhanced her as an academic, Dr Zondi stated that DUT prepared her as an academic because of the institution’s capacity- efficient, and effective lecturers coupled with a conducive environment to learn, research and develop herself as a potential academic. “I was tutored by great supervisors and lecturers during the years who had greatly impacted me and would forever be happy for being an alumnus of DUT,” she said proudly.

Her advice to future homoeopathic students wishing to study at DUT is to be focused on their studies and understand their struggles as individuals without comparison to others and believe that everything is possible. “They should be zealous, driven and have a big heart for people of any race and background,” she said.

Going forward, Dr Zondi aims to further her studies and render wellness services in disadvantaged communities.

Pictured: Dr Minenhle Zondi

Waheeda Peters

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