Doing business contextualised through the lens of the South African business sector

June – July 2022



This course will focus on the economic landscape and business dynamics unique to Africa 

The African continent has become a potential investment destination. To understand Business in Africa, this programme will focus on the economic landscape and business dynamics unique to Africa through the exploration of a number of successful industries. With a particular focus on South Africa, doing business will be contextualised through the lens of the South African business sector. Further to this, the programme will focus on the unique contexts of different African countries in terms of different business and project management practices

International delegates or students to this programme will be introduced to the unique and significant challenges associated with the business environment in South Africa. The programme also aims to equip participants with the competencies required to understand the different project management approaches and practices within the South African context.

The programme focuses on introducing delegates to the multifaceted nature of the African business environment and the associated socio-economic considerations which impact thereon. Delegates will return to their home countries with a broader understanding of the management challenges within the Africa context, both within and beyond the workplace.


Programme Presentation

The presentation of the programme is based on a highly interactive mode of delivery. Opportunity will be given for discussion and debate. Lectures will be supplemented with the use of multi- media, and strategic visits that will afford students an opportunity to engage with the content in a practical way.  Incorporated in the programme are also visits that will immerse students into South Africa’s rich cultural and wildlife heritage.  

Participants will be required to submit assignments and presentations focusing on the South African business context. Training will take place in the mornings with the afternoons set aside for field trips, cultural engagements and other beyond-the-classroom initiatives planned in support of the classroom learning.

The four-week programme will commence with a three-day orientation focused around South African history and culture.

The programme content thereafter will have three distinct focus areas:

  • Managing Business in Africa
  • Project Management practices in Africa
  • Business and Labour Dynamics
  • The Sustainability Imperative (Social and Environmental)


Learning Outcome: On completion of this programme students will understand:

  • The challenges and prospects for economics and business development in Africa
  • The trading and investment environment in Africa
  • The ethical considerations
  • Business Leadership and Management in Africa
  • Strategy and strategic management in Africa
  • The financial sector and business environment in Africa
  • Project Management unique approaches and practices in South Africa.
  • The entrepreneurship landscape in South Africa
  • Managing change during times of political transition