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The Albaraka Bank, in collaboration with the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and the Bringer of Light to Young Souls, spearheaded the Matric Career Day; an event aimed at equipping matriculants with essential insights and opportunities for their future endeavours. The event, held at Ixopo on 04 May 2024, proved to be an invaluable experience for over 700 students from five esteemed schools.

The primary objective of the Career Day 2024 was to empower matriculants by providing them with vital knowledge and resources to navigate their transition into tertiary education and beyond. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, students were exposed to various career paths, entrepreneurship opportunities, and educational prospects.

Distinguished presenters from educational institutions such as DUT, alongside representatives from municipalities, local businesses, and BMW, offered valuable advice on career selection, university applications, and the importance of self-discipline. Topics ranging from bursaries and youth development to entrepreneurship and motivational journeys were thoroughly explored, enriching the students’ understanding of their future prospects.

Fathima Mohamed, CSR Officer at Albaraka Bank, emphasised the significance of the event, stating, “Career Day 2024 exemplifies our commitment to supporting and nurturing the aspirations of young people. By providing them with access to information and mentorship, we empower them to chart their paths towards a prosperous future.”

Phumzile Xulu, the Engagement Practitioner from DUT, praised the collaborative effort behind the successful Career Day, commending the partnership between DUT, Albaraka Bank, and the Bringer of Light to Young Souls. She highlighted the event’s role in inspiring and guiding Grade 12 learners towards their future endeavours, acknowledging the speakers’ contributions in shaping the students’ aspirations and providing valuable insights into diverse career options.

In conclusion, the representatives for the Bringer of Light to Young Souls extended their gratitude to all participating schools, sponsors, and volunteers for their unwavering support, making Career Day 2024 a resounding success. Through such initiatives, the collective effort continues to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Pictured: The team from DUT, Albaraka Bank, Bringer of Light to Young Souls, and the guest speakers, at the event.

Phumeza Msongelwa

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