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The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship recently held a Personal Development Workshop facilitated by Ms Karen Burt who is a renowned transformation coach and speaker with 25 years of experience, internationally certified in Energy Psychology and Human Consciousness.

The workshop aimed to provide small business owners with the tools and strategies they need to transform their businesses and achieve long-term success. The workshop began with Burt sharing her own story of transformation. She spoke about the struggles she faced and how she overcame them to become a successful entrepreneur and a transformation coach. Her story resonated with the small business owners in attendance, many of whom were also facing their own challenges and obstacles.

Burt then led the group through a series of exercises designed to help them identify their core values and priorities. She stressed the importance of aligning business goals with personal values and encouraged the entrepreneurs to think deeply about what they wanted to achieve in their businesses and why. Next, Burt led a discussion on the importance of mindset in achieving business success. She encouraged the participants to adopt a growth mindset and to view failure as an opportunity for growth and learning. She also shared strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt, which can often hold small business owners back from achieving their goals.

The group then worked on developing a strategic plan for their businesses. Burt provided guidance on setting achievable goals, identifying target customers, and developing a marketing strategy. She emphasized the importance of tracking progress and making adjustments as needed to stay on course. Throughout the workshop, Burt encouraged participants to share their experiences and insights with one another. The group was made up of small business owners from a variety of industries, and the diversity of perspectives proved to be a valuable resource for everyone in attendance.

The workshop ended with Burt leading the group in a visualisation exercise, in which they imagined their businesses in five years’ time. This exercise helped entrepreneurs to focus on their long-term vision for their businesses and to identify the steps they needed to take to achieve that vision.

Overall, the transformational workshop led by Burt was a resounding success. Participants were left feeling inspired and empowered to transform their businesses and achieve their goals. Burt’s insights and strategies were practical, actionable, and tailored to the unique challenges faced by small business owners. It was an invaluable experience for everyone who attended, and one that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their businesses for years to come.

Pictured: Ms Karen Burt conducting a Personal Development Workshop.

Snelisiwe Hlongwane

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