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“Chronicles of Jack” Addresses Student Challenges to adjusting

“Chronicles of Jack” Addresses Student Challenges to adjusting

Addressing social issues faced by most South African students in universities,  DUT’s Drama Production Studies students’ performed “Chronicles of Jack” at the Courtyard theatre on Friday, 18th  and Saturday, 19 August 2017.

“Chronicles of Jack” is directed by Sphephelo Dlamini (Drama Production Studies Student) and Dr Pamela Tancsik (Drama Production Studies lecturer), both are from DUT and written by Mbasa Tsetsana who is an external playwright. The production takes a deep look at the experiences of a young student from the Eastern Cape, who faces challenges when he has to adapt to his life at the Wits City Campus in Johannesburg. This drastic move from his small town to the big city makes it challenging for him to cope with student life and fitting in.

During a question and answers session, Dlamini said the production derives from his own experiences and although he experiences the same as the young boy portrayed in the play, he did however experience a few, other challenges.

“It has been an honour but a challenging journey directing such a production. However, my passion to change the world kept me going. It is through our art that we can change the world. Theatre is where people get entertained while learning and the best place to express your feelings about your surroundings,” said Dlamini.

Tsetsana, who like the leading actor in the production comes from a small town in East London, wrote the play specifically for the DUT Drama Production Studies and the university community particularly focusing on students.  He (Tsetsana) gets his inspiration from life and the youth.

“I am really inspired by young people and the concept of this play deals with challenges they face everyday having to adapt to life and different environments,” he said.

Pictured: The Chronicles of Jack cast at the theatre.

Mbuso Kunene.


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