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BTech: Cinical Technology

Bachelor of Technology in Clinical Technology

Students please note that in January 2019 it is the final intake for first time registration for the BTech programmes.

Completion of the qualification will enable the learner to independently conduct advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, corrective procedures and organ system support on patients using specialised equipment and techniques for the treatment and/or interpretation of a diagnosis of abnormalities and disease. The individual is able to strategically manage clinical technology practice, maintain QA, perform research and train members of the health care team. The individual may be self employed or employed by a recognised health care facility.

Information For B-Tech Clinical Technology Degree
B-Tech Clinical Technology Programme

Students must have completed the National Diploma: Clinical Technology NDCLT1 or equivalent. Learners are required to formally apply to be considered for the BTech: Clinical Technology programme.

The students who are in possession of the National Diploma: Nursing or equivalent are required to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Have a minimum of 3 years work experience in a specialized category i.e. Cardiology, Cardiovascular Per fusion, Critical Care, Nephrology, Pulmonology or Reproductive Biology, and
  2. Complete three third year subjects at the National Diploma: Clinical Technology in the specialist category, i.e. Biomedical Apparatus (specialist category), *Clinical Practice (specialist category) and Clinical Technology Practice (specialist category)
  3. Complete a course in Pharmacology 2

*Students can on formal application according to Rule G9 B (Recognition of prior learning) exemption from Clinical Practice (Specialist Category).

Applicants must submit documentary proof of work experience and certified copies of all qualifications with the application.

Credits for subjects completed in other diplomas/degrees may be granted where, in the opinion of the Head of Department, the syllabus content overlaps by more than 80%.

The above instructional programme is offered as a one year full-time and a two year part-time course of study. The course must be undertaken at a specialist facility for which the student is registered.

Registration with the professional board
A candidate who has completed the course successfully and has satisfied the requirements of the Professional Board for Clinical Technology may register as a Graduate Clinical Technologist with the Health Professions Council of South African