Spring Graduation
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PhD in Visual and Performing Arts

PhD in Visual and Performing Arts

In addition to the provisions of the General Rules, students must be in possession of a completed Master’s degree or equivalent in the relevant specialization(s); and are selected on the following criteria:

(a) The merits of a portfolio, show reel, or other evidence of creative work in the proposed discipline(s);

(b) An interview, at which the candidate will be required to discuss and motivate for their proposed study, with reference to the evidence of creative work above, and in terms of the information supplied on the application form;

(c) The submission of a study proposal. Before an applicant may register, he/she shall submit a statement of the proposed topic of study for the approval of the Faculty admissions panel.

Please note: Applicants should have developed a statement of the proposed topic of study before registration, as part of the application process, in order that appropriate supervisors may be appointed;

(d) The availability of suitably qualified and experienced promoters for the proposed study; and

(e) The successful completion of a formal course in research methodology.