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Cum Laude for Nyamapfene Twins 

Cum Laude for Nyamapfene Twins 

Despite having followed different career paths for their undergraduate qualifications, the Nyamapfene twins have always committed to achieving best results in their studies. 

Gift and Golden Nyamapfene will both graduate cum laude for their Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degrees during the April 2016 Graduation ceremonies.

Gift will be awarded cum laude for his Bachelor of Technology in Public Relations Management degree on Tuesday, 19 April 2016, while Golden will graduate cum laude for the Bachelor of Technology in Human Resource Management Degree on Monday, 18 April 2016.

“In my diploma, I missed cum laude by a small margin, and that is when I made a promise to myself that when I do my BTech, I will get it. I worked really hard to make sure I get it,” he said.

Golden enrolled at DUT to study Human Resources Management in 2012 because of his interest in labour and industrial relations. Discussions about accommodating a growing female workforce and standing up against child labour in the developing world motivated Golden’s decision to study human resources.

For his National Diploma, Gift studied Journalism, later studying Public Relations Management for his BTech. “I enjoyed studying and working in journalism and I would have hated to put my leadership skills to waste so I decided to add the business management aspect by studying Public Relations Management at DUT. My undergrad in Journalism was more of a platform that provided me room to discover my academic ability and frankly enjoy myself as a young professional. Journalism played an important role in establishing an exciting foundation for my career. I become open minded that is why I ended up pursuing PR,” said Gift.

Gift who said he first felt anxious when he started doing PR. “Moving to PR motivated me to work to the best of my ability. Throughout 2015, I pushed myself and worked extremely hard to get good final results and I am truly proud of myself for having been able to adapt to change,” he said.

The Zimbabwean twins moved to South Africa to pursue their tertiary education because they saw this as a challenge having studied in Zimbabwe for most of their school life. “When we moved to South Africa, we were drawn by a challenge to study in a different country,” said Golden. 

The twins are currently doing their Master’s degrees in Management Sciences in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution at DUT. Focusing on conflict resolution is highly influenced by their interest in diplomacy and international relations.  “Young people need to begin to play their role and participate in the global arena. It is really important to understand that conflict arises everywhere. We are young, vocal and energetic and want to travel the world. This necessitated thus, the need to pursue this qualification at DUT where you perhaps have one the best group of supervisors in the region,” said the twins.

In a space of five to 10 years, the twins see themselves mobilising global support for women’s rights and child welfare in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). 


– Noxolo Memela

Pictured: Golden and Gift Nyamapfene who will both graduate cum laude. 

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