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Department of Information Technology Launches ITA and Test Centre

Department of Information Technology Launches ITA and Test Centre

In today’s increasingly complex and highly specialised economy, credentials are very important.

As such, an increasing number of candidates are looking to improve their skillsets through certification. When it comes to Information Technology (IT), there is a high degree of mental ability needed for the job; not just for problem solving but also for stress management. Adding to this, most IT departments run on specific types of technologies, for example Microsoft, Linux or a combination. Having teams that have the necessary skills to maintain these technologies can be invaluable to any organisation.

The department of Information Technology at DUT recently launched their Microsoft IT Academy and state of the art testing centre. The IT Academy will be offering eight short courses:

1. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

2. Comptia A+ Certification

3. Comptia Green Strata

4. Comptia N+

5. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

6. Microsoft Certified Developer

7. Toastmasters

8. Softline Pastel Certification

“With the launch of our ITA, our students and instructors have access to Microsoft’s e-Learning platform. The dynamic nature of Information Technology demands that practitioners be involved in the process of continuous learning and the Microsoft e-Learning platform is an excellent support base as it provides access to over 250 award winning e-learning courses,” said Cassim Vanker, Lecturer in the DUT IT Department .

One of the certifications that will add a lot of value to a wider market is the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. The Microsoft Office Specialist certification is fundamentally different from other certifications that Microsoft offers as people who pass the Office Specialist exams are frequently employed in professions outside of the computer field. The certification teaches students to use over 80 percent of a office product and improves a student’s overall productivity and efficiency when working with Office.

The Microsoft Academy is complimented by the department’s state of the art testing centre. The testing centre provides automated management of the testing process. Candidates can book online and exams are administered on site electronically. At the end of the exam, candidates get a diagnostic analysis of their performance and certificates are available for download almost immediately.

“With Over 30 percent of our population being unemployed, our aggressively priced short courses will certainly add a lot of value to those looking for employment with the IT sector,“ said Vanker.

To celebrate the launch of the Microsoft IT Academy and Testing Centre, the Department is providing a limited number of discounting exam for the Microsoft Office 2010 Certification. For as little as R 250, students and staff can add a new certification to their resume and help improve their productivity within the Office suite.

For further details contact Cassim Vanker at or on (031) 373 5596.

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