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The Division of Corporate Affairs at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) held a webinar to discuss the recently revised DUT Brand Guidelines on Monday, 19 April 2021, via MS Teams. 

Welcoming the attendees was Mr Alan Khan, Senior Director, Division of Corporate Affairs, who said that the webinar pertains to understanding some of the changes that were made and also to inform the DUT community of the process that needs to be followed when using the DUT logo and how to ensure brand consistency. 

Explaining the DUT Brand Guide was Ms Portia Redmond, Manager: Design Studio. She spoke on the definition of brand identity saying that it is the visible element of the brand such as colour, design and logo which identify and distinguish a brand in the customers’ minds and the guidelines and documents that explain these. 

“Our brand identity is distinct from the brand image in so far as it builds the multiple disciplinary strategic effort and every element needs to support the overall message of the DUT’s goals. It includes the company name, the logo, in its design. Its style and tone of its copy supports the look and composition of our product, and of course, this goes all the way to our social media presence. In our Guidelines document, you will see that there are a number of variations which explain the representation in the scope of media in which we present,” she stressed. 

Redmond further elaborated on how colleagues can use the Brand Guidelines correctly and discussed the issue of compliance. 

“The brand identity corresponds to the intent behind branding and the way we cultivate certain images in consumers’ minds. These are best explained in the following, the choice of name which is now represented by both our English and isiZulu (bilingual) name, and the designs and logo are reflected accordingly. So you would have seen in our ENVISION2030 that we are again referencing both the strategic element and the brand by use of colour, shapes and other visual elements in our promotions. The significance of our logo is that its support in clients and customers’ minds is exactly the product and representation we, as DUT offer to stakeholders of our university,” she said. 

She relayed that to access the Brand Guidelines, it is available on the DUT Staff Portal, or one can type in Brand Identity Guidelines and the link will become available. 

“The Design Studio wants to advise all staff and stakeholders to use this reference document to guide them, however, please make sure that you always reference the Design Studio not only for making the artwork and making the variations but making sure in representations that you have created that the DUT brand is reflected in a complaint manner. So, the Guidelines help you so does the Design Studio. We, in the Design Studio believe that we are all brand ambassadors, and that we all own the brand,” said Redmond. 

Clarifying more on the rules and permission for branding and DUT logo use was Ms Vasantha Govender, Manager: Marketing, Public Relations and Events. 

“The guidelines which I am about to discuss explains how the DUT logo will be used going forward,” she said. 

She explained that the Guideline provides the DUT’s requirements regarding the use of the DUT logo and all branding features of the DUT logo. 

“The DUT logo, sub brands, event logos, etc., are the sole and exclusive property of DUT. Your use of any brand mark and or logo implies acceptance of and agreement with the terms of the Brand Guideline. Any use of the DUT logo and its variants outside the DUT Brand Guidelines is not permitted. An appeal is made to all users to kindly comply with the Brand Guidelines. The DUT reserves the right to revoke its approval of your use of the DUT logo at any time,” she said. 

Govender further explained that permission is granted to use the DUT logo, brand marks and logos under conditions and terms which are that the DUT logo is for internal use only. 

“The DUT logo is not available for use in commercial sales and individual fundraising. This is strictly prohibited unless otherwise expressed in writing by an authorised office at DUT. The DUT logo may not be used in any way that mischaracterises any relationship between the DUT, you, and an external agency/organisation. Vendors may not use the DUT logo to advertise DUT to any of its members or clients and promotional material without DUT’s written permission and which must be requested in writing,” she said. 

She also explained that the DUT logo is a distinctive, designed graphic artwork, owned by DUT, and reiterated the usage guidelines that must be followed. 

“As the need to address future branding concerns arises, the DUT may cancel, modify or change the terms of this usage guideline,” she said. 

Govender also explained on the correct way of typing and writing ENVISION2030.  

For further enquiries on the DUT logo, usage and guidelines, contact the Division of Corporate Affairs, Marketing, Public Relations and Events via email to:

A question and answer session ensued, followed by the vote of thanks given by Mr Khan. 

Pictured: Ms Portia Redmond, Manager: Design Studio, talks about the DUT Brand Guide at the webinar. 

Waheeda Peters 

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