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Dr Vundla Urges Graduates to be ‘Pioneers’ of Tomorrow

Dr Vundla Urges Graduates to be ‘Pioneers’ of Tomorrow

“These are challenging but exciting times.  Go ahead, do something new, come up with an original idea, start your movement, create your own job, lay the groundwork for the future, be the father or mother of something, seize the time, be a pioneer,” said Dr Bunguza Peter Vundla.

The pioneer entrepreneur was conferred an honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Faculty of Management Sciences, at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, this morning (Thursday, 5 September 2019).

Dr Vundla founded the first Black-owned and Black-led advertising, marketing and branding agency in South Africa, HerdBouys’, which proved to be a turning point in the industry’s history. An accomplished doyen of the advertising industry, Dr Vundla is recognised as a visionary who disrupted the status quo of the advertising industry in South Africa, who served as a catalyst for change, not only in the creative industries but also, as a successful leader in the banking and business arenas.

 “I share this award with all those enterprising and entrepreneurial workers at HerdBouys’, who like me, wanted to change the world. I am also indebted to my parents, family, friends, teachers, and the broad South African community that inspired me. Let me make this promise to the broader University community, whilst I am a proud honorary graduate at the institution. I do not intend to use ‘willy-nilly’ the term Doctor or insist on being called Dr Vundla. I will, however, use it at all times when I am in the presence of the Durban University of Technology,” he said proudly.

Dr Vundla spoke of his reasoning behind his agency, stating that he wanted to be his own boss, have his own destiny and most of all change the entrepreneurship world.

His advice to the new graduates at the first session was that they should seize the moment and not be afraid to take on new challenges.

“To you, the graduates of today, what kind of world awaits you? You all are going to an exciting world of opportunities that did not exist prior to 1994. But in the new South Africa that is plagued by mass challenges of corruption, poverty and unemployment.  In the midst of these difficulties I do challenge what kind of pioneer you will decide to become, to include not just your life but the life of others,” he said.

Also, despite the bleak, rainy weather, the atmosphere was electrifying. The excitement was evident on everyone’s faces. Parents were proudly praising the graduates and hoping to get a glimpse of their loved ones as one by one took to the stage to receive their diplomas, degrees, Master’s and Doctorates. Today’s session had 503 graduates, 14 PhDs, 23 Masters and 466 undergraduates.

Pictured: Dr Bunguza Peter Vundla

Waheeda Peters

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