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DUT CI Students Win Second and Third Prizes At the 19th Chinese Bridge Competition

DUT CI Students Win Second and Third Prizes At the 19th Chinese Bridge Competition

The annual Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College students was successfully held by the Confucius Institute for Chinese Medicine at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) from 6 to 7 May 2020.

Three Durban University of Technology (DUT) CI Mandarin students excelled in the competition, winning second and third prizes, respectively.
With the current COVID -19 crisis and lockdown period, this year’s Chinese Bridge Competition was held online via ZOOM and broadcasted by Youtube.

Mr Ghaleeb Jeppie, Chief Director of International Relationship at the Department of Higher Education and Training, Professor Jose Frantz and Prof Pamela Duben, Deputy Vice-Chancellors of UWC, Mr Wang Daoyu, First Secretary (Education) of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, Mr. Lin Jing, Consul General of China in Cape Town and Mr Zhao Mingming, Director of Longyuan South Africa Renewable Pty Ltd, were guest speakers on the online event.

On behalf of DUT CI, Paul Mangalibi, a third-year Biotechnology and Food Technology student, impressed the judges with his standard Mandarin pronunciation and brilliant Chinese Martial Arts show. He won second prize and will be sponsored to go through to the Final Round of Chinese Bridge in China. Nompilo Mkhulisi, a third-year Information Technology student and Londeka Ntshapha, third-year Auditing and Taxation students, jointly clinched third prize. Mkhulisi gave a passionate speech and Ntshapha’s beautiful Chinese song impressed the judges and audience alike.

The Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students has been held since 2002. This competition is a platform for Chinese learners of all ages to exchange and showcase their achievements in learning Mandarin. It also provides an excellent opportunity for students to be inspired by other students all around the world.

Speaking more on the competition is the Director of the Confucius Institute (CI) at DUT, Frank Lin WU. “It’s been found that the number of students who want to participate in the Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition increased every year. It means that our students are now more confident on their Mandarin skills and willing to showcase what they have learnt about China either from the class or from various experiences gained by participating in functions of the DUT CI,” said Lin WU. He also stressed that the DUT CI is committed to exploring different kinds of opportunities for students to practice their Chinese language skills and most importantly, to access the potential of a bright future full with possibilities.

Speaking about her achievement was Ntshapha, who said that her biggest dream about China is to build her career in studying. “I want to prove it is possible for people from other cultures to learn other cultures. I am so glad I made it,” she said excitedly.

Pictured: Nompilo Mkhulisi

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