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DUT CI Co-hosts Cultural Gala in PMB

DUT CI Co-hosts Cultural Gala in PMB

The DUT Confucius Institute, together with the renowned KZN Charity organization “African Multiversity Institute for Learning and Rebirth”, co-hosted a big cultural event at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary Conference Centre in Pietermaritzburg, the capital city of KuaZulu Natal,on April 30th to assist with the annual event “UMBELETHISI WORLD AWAKENING PROGRAMME” .

More than 150 people, including local community leaders and local people, participated in this much anticipated event. As the special guest and the co-sponsor, the DUT Confucius Institute not only co-planned and co-organized the function, but also shared the stage with the local Zulu artists with a number of stunning Chinese cultural programmes. 

The opening program was started by a joyous Zulu chorus “Yenzeka le ndaba/New Story is now happening” , followed by the community leaders sharing with local youngsters different stories on the development and innovation, expressing their various understanding of “love”, “education”, “social innovation”, etc. Orphans from the communities also told stories of the love and kindness they have been given from the society under the help of this plan, illustrating on the great changes in their lives. 

By bringing fantastic programmes of Chinese culture, the DUT Confucius Institute shared with their South African brothers and sisters Chinese musical instrument Guzheng performance “Red flower on the mountain”, Chinese folk dances “Growing Dai Flowered Daughter”, and Chinese classic dance “Golden Age”, which brought a brand new cultural experience to the local communities. Besides, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese tea ceremony performance seemed to take everyone back to the ancient China. A calligraphy masterpiece “Building New Life and Innovating new Humanities” by the DUT CI highlighted the whole gala, meanwhile the audience were equally fascinated by the magic and taste of Chinese tea.

Interestingly, the children from local community presented songs like “ISIYAKHULUMA”(Let’s talk) and traditional Zulu dances, showcasing the equally fabulous cultural heritage from the community.       

This Gala was initiated by Dr. Lungile Bhengu Baloyi, chair-lady and founder of “African Multiversity Institute for Learning and Rebirth”, and Dr Eddie Chaobo FU, co-Dean of the DUT Confucius Institute. “This event aims to accelerate local communities to commemorate, inherit and develop universal virtues like love, kindness, hard-working and thanksgiving, to further promoting the sustainable development of local rural areas, pushing ahead the harmonious development and social cohesion in such a beautiful multicultural country like South Africa”, said Dr Baloyi and Dr FU.        

According to Dr Fu, this event is also an echo and a response to the “China- South Africa High Level People-to-People Mechanism” that was launched by the visiting Chinese Vice Premier, Madam Liu Yandong with South African high rank officials a couple of days ago.


Pictured: Building a new life and innovating new humanities by the DUT CI.

Dr Eddie Fu

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