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The Durban University of Technology’s(DUT’s) COVID-19 Response Task Team, in partnership with the Department of Health, have begun a two-week, daily COVID-19 vaccination campaign on Monday 24 January 2022.

The COVID-19 Response Task Team have indicated that both the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be available to staff and students, and vaccinations are taking place at the Isolempilo Clinic on the Steve Biko campus every weekday from 08h30 to 15h00 until 4 February 2022, entry is via Gate 2.

DUT’s Sister Soori Wardthen, from the DUT Student Health Clinics, Department of Student Counselling and Health reiterated that the vaccines are available practically right on one’s doorstep. She said that many are under the misconception that the one dose of Johnson and Johnson and the two Pfizer doses are sufficient. She stressed that there is the booster shot for both Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer that people can also take at the clinic.

She commented that DUT’s COVID-19 Response Task Team had resumed its #VaccinationThursdays campaign last week and the response had been very good.

“On 13 January 2022, 92 received their vaccines, out of the 92, 67 people took the first dosage of the vaccine. On 20 January 2022, 85 people were vaccinated and out of the 85, 72 had received their first dosage,” she said.

She also conveyed that for those who are at any stage of their pregnancy and breastfeeding moms, it was safe to take the vaccine.

The COVID-19 Response Task Team have said that when proceeding to campus for vaccination, students and staff are requested to show security officers the following: vaccination card (if applicable); student/staff card; ID; and a green HealthCheck clearance.

HealthCheck can be accessed as follows:

If possible, before coming for vaccination for the first time, please register at:

The COVID-19 Response Task Team have also said to take note that some delays may be experienced as no vaccines are stored on campus, and are transported to DUT before vaccinations can begin.

Staff and students are reminded that according to the Three Choices Policy decision taken by DUT’s Council in December 2021, only vaccinated people are permitted on DUT campuses, except for those coming to campus for vaccination.

Pictured: The DUT team who are working tirelessly to ensure vaccines are administered daily during the two-week COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

COVID-19 Response Task Team/Waheeda Peters

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