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Being a first-year student at a university can be exciting and daunting at the same time as one does not know what to expect. DUT Communication’s team member, Simangele Zuma spoke to some first-year students from Durban and Midlands campuses, during the opening of the First-Year Student Orientation Week, which is currently being held at the Curries Fountain Sports Ground in Durban and the Indumiso Sport Centre in Pietermaritzburg. The aim of the conversation was get a feel of who they are, what course they are going to be doing and to get their views on joining the DUT family.

Rhea Maharaj

Rhea Maharaj from Durban: Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electronic Engineering.

“The DUT Orientation was amazing, especially meeting new people, I loved the vibe. Well done to the organisers as it was engaging and exciting at the same time. There were photo booths for us to take pictures and share with our loves ones on social media. I met many friends and I am looking forward to studying at DUT, I feel DUT is very diverse. I feel DUT offers courses that has many job opportunities. I hope my stay at DUT will be a pleasant one.”

Lungisani Sithole

Lungisani Sithole from Bhanganoma from Nongoma: Diploma in Business Information and Management.

“I am excited to be part of the DUT First-Year Student Orientation. DUT is here to welcome us and to share advice on some the challenges we might come across as first-year students. I enjoyed the Vice-Chancellor and Principal’s address. He spoke about how one needs to have character in order to stay on top. So I am here to build my character and work hard to reach my dreams. I want to make my family proud.”


Hudson Donald

Hudson Alexander Donald from Port Shepstone: Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electronic Engineering.

“I am from Port Shepstone so I am new to Durban and I am learning the way. I am extremely looking forward to joining the DUT family. Everyone here seems happy and I am eager to meet others and make new friends. As first-year students, we are all in the same boat, no-one knows anyone. I was motivated by my mother who is a former student of the university, to join DUT. She speaks highly of DUT and wishes for me to also receive the quality education she obtained at DUT. I am nervous about moving into a new city, however, I am also excited about building new memories and making new friends.”


Amahle Dlamini

Amahle Dlamini from Lamountville, Durban: Diploma in Public Relations and Communications Management.

“I learnt a lot during the Orientation. We had DUT officials telling us about how to behave on campus and also at the residences. To secure a space at DUT was not easy but I am grateful to the students who were assisting us on campus. They made my life a lot easier. I am very happy to have received an offer to study at DUT. My mother was also excited when I told her that I have been accepted at DUT. I am excited to start my journey towards my career of choice. I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I also promise to be on my best behaviour and put my studies first.”


Noluthando Gumede

Noluthando Gumede from Jeppestown, Johannesburg: Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training.

“The Orientation was very informative; I learnt a lot about DUT. The Vice-Chancellor’s address was very inspiring. I learnt about the DUT Living Values and how we all need to align ourselves to them. I associate with all the values and hope by the time I leave DUT, all these values will be imbedded in me. I am not scared about being far away from home as this is what I wanted. I am going to make everyone proud. I know that my family is very proud of me, and I am going to make them even more proud. To new beginnings, meeting new friends and excelling in my studies!”


Nandipha Mantshule

Nandipha Mantshule from Matatiele, Eastern Cape: Diploma in Accounting.

“I found the Orientation very exciting as we had lots of fun. I am ready to start my studies at DUT. I am not nervous at all, last year I had a gap year, so I am ready to do this. I have been longing for this opportunity and now that it has been afforded to me, I will make sure that I make the most of it. I am ready for my new journey where I will be exposed to new experiences and new friends. I am not here to play but to make my dreams come true. I cannot go back home empty handed after my term of study.”





Themba Ngwenya

Themba Ngwenya from Mayflower, Mpumalanga: Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training.

“The Orientation was very well organised. I found it interesting that DUT does not only focus on academics but also in building our character. I was excited to learn about the DUT Living Values. I live by most of them as they are values that I was taught at home. I intend to live by the DUT Living Values and to not disappoint my family. I am aware that people should be able to see my family through me. I am still finding it hard to adjust to being far away from home but I am willing to adapt. My focus is on my studies and I plan to do well.”


Ntsakelo Ramothwala

Ntsakelo Ramothwala from Philip Nel Park in Pretoria: Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.

“I found the Orientation to be eye opening. I was able to get lessons that I will take with me forever. I will definitely miss my family; however, I feel this is a journey that I need to take if I was to reach the top. I have to get out of my comfort zone. I find it easy to interact with people and I love meeting new people. I am very excited about this journey I am about to embark on. I am finding it easy to adapt to this new environment and I am certain that in no time I will be feeling at home. This is the place where I have always wanted to be. Cheers to new beginnings!”

Pictured: The excited first-year students during the opening of the Durban First-Year Student Orientation Week.

Photographers: Mnqobi Ngobese and Khulasande Tshayile.

Simangele Zuma

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