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DUT Hosts IT Workshop With Sastri College

DUT Hosts IT Workshop With Sastri College

The Durban University of Technology Information Technology (IT) department in collaboration with Sastri College and the Sizoyilungisa Group Association held IT workshops aimed at empowering Sastri College learners with IT skills.

This workshop was recently held at the Ritson Campus, DUT. Throughout the year, various workshops were held with different departments of the DUT to uplift and develop Sastri College learners to achieve their dream of becoming entrepreneurs in the competitive and innovative business world. These workshops saw top achieving Sastri College learners from Grades 9, 10 and 11 attending the five day IC3 course, and these students were given expert instruction and training which enables them to master skills of Microsoft, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. Learners who attended the workshops were also given the opportunity to do an international online test for IC3 that is done at the end of the training.

Principal of Sastri College, Santosh Rajcoomar said: “Parents are all too familiar with the exorbitant cost of training and the value of learners possessing IT qualifications in this technologically driven era.”

DUT IT lecturer Prinavin Govender congratulated the learners on completing the course. “Well done to the learners from Sastri College. About 100 of the learners spent the entire week at the DUT IT Department, instead of starting their holidays a week early they were busy with the IC3 spark syllabus. They made IT happen and I am so happy that I was a small part of IT,” he said.

Pictured: Learners from Sastri College.

Waheeda Peters

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