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DUT Journalism alumna Lizeka Maduna publishes first book called, Regards The Wife

DUT Journalism alumna Lizeka Maduna publishes first book called, Regards The Wife

Durban University of Technology’s Journalism Alumna and former Journalist at The Daily Vox, Lizeka Maduna has added publised author to her accomplishments.

The 27-year-old has written and published her first book titled, Regards, The Wife. Maduna’s self-published book which hit the shelves earlier this year is based on her life’s observations as a young black women from a small rural town of uMzimkhulu in KwaZulu-Natal.

“The book is based on a myriad of topics, including culture, marriage, extra marital affairs and patriarchy. Although it doesn’t go deep or reflects a one size fit all kind of a narrative, it does portray life as we know it. The aim of the book is to evoke conversations about contemporary life and what is happening around us,” she explains.

Reading African literature, especially books written by black females, about black women, for black women is what inspired Maduna to write a book.

She explains that it all started as a blog which she would update whenever she had time on her hands or wanted to clear her head. After receiving positive feedback from people who read her work, she realised that she had talent. Maduna’s journey to writing a book started in 2017 and wasn’t an easy one because of the complexities the book addresses.

She said, “In the years I have spent as a journalist, one of the hardest things for me has been pulling myself away from the story in order to maintain objectivity and report without being biased. So, even with writing this book there were times when I’d feel my anxiety skyrockets because it’s in nature to become human first before you’re a writer, in this case, I was a woman before I am a writer and that was the hardest part. But it was a journey worth embarking on, and I’m really proud of myself, although it still overwhelms me each time I think about it.” 

Maduna who graduated with a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Journalism in 2017 says her background is what motivated her to study journalism so she could tell stories of her people.

“I come from a community where the future of young people has always been very grim due to various factors, including lack of quality education, where a girl or a woman’s place was always thought to be in the kitchen. A part of me was driven by the stories from my community that never made it to the media.”

Maduna currently lives in China where she works as teacher. Her book is available via PEP Delivery and available for purchase as an e-book on Amazon.

Nkosingiphile Dladla

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