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As part of its ENVISION2030 strategy, the Durban University of Technology (DUT) aspires to produce adaptive graduates who will participate productively in the development of our region, country and the world. Mnqobi Ngobese, DUT Communications’ editorial team member, recently engaged with the DUT eSports star Anele Memela, to share her student experience through sports and academics and how she lives the DUT Living Values and Principles.

Name: Anele Memela

Place of birth: Pietermaritzburg

Sport code: eSports

Qualification: Diploma in Nautical Studies


Q:  When did you join the DUT Sport Team?

A: “I joined the DUT eSports team in 2023.”

Q: What sparked your interest in this type of sport?

A: “ I was fascinated by its nature. eSports is very unique, it is different from other sports that we are used to. Also, it is not as popular as other sport codes.”

Q: Which other sport codes are you interested in and why?

A:  “I am interested in Basketball because I like how the players move, how they jump, and the dribbling with their hands. There is just something fascinating about it.”

Q: What is the biggest tournament you have participated in?

A: “The biggest tournament is yet to come. I have not participated in any tournament as yet since I have become an eSports player, just in friendly games.”

Q: Why is it vital for DUT to develop students in sports?

A: “It is vital. For me, playing sports helps to reduce my anxiety. Whenever I am stressed about school work or have been in a test, just to reduce the tension, I go to the eSports room to play, score and win.”

Q: Who is your sport role model and why?

A: “Castor Semenya, she is one of the most hardworking woman in sports and also breaking records. I see myself making a mark like her one day.”

Q: Which ENVISION2030 Living Values and Principles do you associate with and why?

A: “I associate with respect. If you are respectful you surely will be honest and fair. In other words respect covers other values on the ENVISION2030.”

Q: Do you see a future in eSports?

A: “ Yes, I do see a future in eSports as I am passionate about it.”

Q: As a DUT sport star, how does your role benefit your community?

A: “My community has now gained a female eSports player who has the potential of becoming something more, and obviously I will share my success with my community. I aim to introduce the youth in my area to eSports.”

Q: What impact has sport made on your life?

A:  “It has increased my social skills, I can now engage with other people more freely and that was something I have never been able to do before.”

Q: Can you suggest some ideas to attract spectators to varsity sport?

A: “One of the ideas is to put more posters on campus premises and not just digitally. People or the community should be allowed to come freely and watch any games played here at the premises.”

Photographer: Mnqobi Ngobese.

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