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Durban University of Technology (DUT) graduate Nono Cele-Xaba is an award-winning Supersport Outside Broadcast Director/Producer who is making a name for herself in the broadcasting world. The accomplished Video Technology alumna from DUT is deeply committed to providing Supersport viewers with world class sport content on a daily basis.

Cele-Xaba, originally from Port Shepstone in KwaZulu-Natal, is a driven, ambitious and energetic woman with a commitment to fulfilling her purpose. She is passionate about telling African stories as she believes that they are worth sharing and documenting. Outside of her TV world, she is also an entrepreneur, running two small businesses called Salt and Light and VX Events and Logistics. Cele-Xaba is also a wife and mother and she feels that balancing all of these roles is not easy because more is consistently expected from women.

“It’s important to take good care of yourself and to constantly do things that fill your own cup while in pursuit of greater things,” she advised.

She joined DUT in 2004 when she enrolled for a National Diploma in Video Technology in the Faculty of Arts and Design.

“The passion for my career comes from my family, theirs is a story of love, hard work and overcoming challenges,” shared Cele-Xaba.

Speaking about how she received an opportunity to work for Supersport, Cele-Xaba shared that she joined the television channel in 2007, through an internship programme.

Giving insight on her current producer position, Cele-Xaba indicated that she got promoted after years of being a freelance EVS Operator and a junior producer.

“A producer’s role is overseeing the editorial of a production. The producer comes up with a vision that everyone in the team collaborates to make a reality. Duties include planning, communicating with team members, drafting running orders, establishing relationships with key stakeholders, working with the director to bring the vision to life, post production, etc,” explained Cele-Xaba.

In addition Cele-Xaba expressed her delight in seeing many women occupying leadership positions in her industry that was formerly perceived as being male dominated. She reiterated that it was refreshing to see so many women joining and making their mark in the industry.

Commenting on some of the challenges she had faced in her career, Cele-Xaba said: “Every industry comes with challenges such as intimidation and competition. I guess human beings struggle with change, especially when they see women in a space they think is reserved only for men. But I don’t have time to nurse those insecurities. I am much more than my gender. I am a creative, a human being. I don’t apologise for being a woman, I actually quite love who I am.”

She attributed the highlight of her career to being able to do the work she does daily, as she feels it is true to who she is called to be.

Some of her accolades include:

1. Producer: Backpages Magazine Show.
2. Producer: Mzansi Legends.
3. Producer: 2010 FIFA World Cup.
4. 2014: Multichoice Diski Challenge Project Manager.
5. 2022: GSport Woman in TV of the Year Award.
6. 2023 Quad Series Director.
7. 2023 Netball World Cup Project Manager.
8. 2024: Outside Broadcast Director, Banyana Banyana vs Tanzania.

Cele-Xaba believes hard work, prayer and pursuing a purpose is what got her this far in life and her desire is to continue producing top-notch sports content for the viewers.

Pictured: DUT Video Technology alumna, Nono Cele-Xaba who is now a powerhouse in broadcasting, doing a stellar job behind the scenes.

Simangele Zuma

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