DUT’s Dr Mohale Makes DUT Proud With His New MDB Appointment

DUT’s Dr Mohale Makes DUT Proud With His New MDB Appointment

Dr Mohale

The charismatic Dr David Mohale is flying the Durban University of Technology (DUT) flag high with his recent appointment by President Cyril Ramaphosa, to the Municipal Demarcation Board, for a period of five years.

DUT’s Dr Mohale holds a PhD in the field of Development Studies from the University of South Africa. Prior to his doctoral studies, he obtained his Masters in the field of Public Policy from the University of Witwatersrand  (Wits) and a BA Degree (Cum Laude) from the Central University of Technology (CUT). He also holds various certificates ranging from leadership to local government planning, processes, systems and structures.

He is also a published author and has presented papers at several international conferences and one national conference focusing on themes such as the developmental state, the developmental local government, local economic development and corruption to name but a few.

Dr Mohale is currently employed as the Director of Special Projects in the Office of the Vice – Chancellor at the DUT. He is thoroughly excited about his new appointment and the role he will be playing, going forward.

“It’s a great privilege to be considered by the State President to serve at this level. It is certainly the highest honour that one can take to the grave, particularly if one takes into account my background of extreme difficulties growing up. I am obviously elated. But as we all know, a call to duty is about service, not necessarily about how one feels,” he said.

The Municipal Demarcation Board is South Africa’s municipal demarcation authority, whose mission is to deepen democracy and to facilitate the socio – economic transformation of the country for the benefit of its citizens by enabling and facilitating a system of developmental local government, through the determination of municipal and ward boundaries that enhances the quality of life of communities, overall. It also aims to provide advisory services, and be a spatial knowledge hub on all municipal and ward boundary matters.

Dr Mohale, despite being one of the youngest members of the Board, has an immense wealth of experience and knowledge, having worked lengthily in the local government sphere. He added that he is conscious of the fact that he is carrying the hopes of millions of young people on how everyone can use demarcation to deepen constitutional democracy, promote inclusive and cohesive communities and build an integrated economy. Most importantly, he feels that he is definitely up to the challenge.

Dr Mohale was previously employed as the Senior Manager in the Office of the Speaker in Matjhabeng Local Municipality from November 2012 until April 2017. His duties entailed the provision of strategic support to councillors, council committees, oversight tasks and public participation as well as daily management of the office.

His other previous responsibilities included being a Senior Researcher in the office of the Speaker, Communication Officer and later the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Mayor in Masilonyana Local Municipality. He also held the title of Acting Director for Local Economic Development, for a short while.

Speaking further on his role, Dr Mohale said at this point he could not say much as the Board still has to be inducted. “That exercise will in all likelihood also result in deployment of members to specific areas of function. It is safe to say that I am aware of some outstanding issues on the agenda of the Board. With local government elections scheduled for 2021, we will all have to hit the ground running,” he added.

Dr Mohale stressed he now has two high level appointments, one at DUT and now on the Board, the difference being that at DUT he is part of the Executive Management Committee, which individually and collectively accounts to Council. However, at MDB, he is part of the oversight and governance structure which is responsible for holding management answerable on the implementation of the budget and programme of action.

“The difference between the two roles lies in the detail; at DUT I am part of daily activities whereas at MDB my role is more of a policy approval and oversight. I am not shy to add that the DUT experience has prepared me for any strategic role anywhere in the world. I will always treasure the opportunity I have had to serve at DUT,” he said proudly.

Dr Mohale also added that he is aware of the complexity of the work of the Board which became evident from countless congratulatory remarks that he received, which ended with mandates on what the Board must do. He is looking forward to sharing and exchanging ideas with his colleagues.

Pictured: Dr David Mohale, newly appointed member of the Municipal Demarcation Board.

Waheeda Peters

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