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DUT’s EMS Personnel Help Free Men from Danger

DUT’s EMS Personnel Help Free Men from Danger

Yesterday (Wednesday, 1 February 2017), three rescue personnel the Durban University of Technology’s Emergency Medical Care and Rescue Department, participated in a risky rescue where a trench on a construction site had collapsed, injuring two men.

The rescue was a team effort between the SAPS Search and Rescue unit, SAPS K9 unit, Durban Fire Department and DUT’S Emergency Medical Care and Rescue Department. 

Travis Trower, Emergency Medical Care and Rescue Lecturer at DUT and Technical Rescue Specialist, and two of his students were involved in the rescue. Trower, a well renowned specialist in technical emergency medical services (EMS) with almost 15 years in the field, was called to assist in the rescue because of his expertise. Trower has been involved in emergency rescue missions in disaster hit places such as Nepal, Algeria and Haiti.  

The two men, aged 22 and 42 years, had been working on a construction site on North Coast Road, Durban, around 17h30. Authorities have not at this stage been able to exact the cause of the collapse. Fortunately, the two men, who were pinned down by a large concrete pillar and mud in the trench, were freed from the scene with moderate injuries and were both transported in a stable condition to a nearby Durban hospital for further care. The rescue effort lasted approximately three hours.

Trower thanked all the rescue personnel who were involved in this operation, also thanking his Head of Department at DUT for allowing him to use the Department’s equipment for the rescue. 

– Sinegugu Ndlovu. 

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– Pictured: Travis Trower (grey jumpsuit) and other rescue personnel during the operation to free the two men from a trench on a collapsed construction site. Also pictured is Trower holding a baby he had freed from a vehicle in a different rescue. 

Picture credit: and Travis Trower

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