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DUT’s Fiona Pillay Wins R20 000 for Naming New 2020-2030 strategy plan called: Envision 2030

DUT’s Fiona Pillay Wins R20 000 for Naming New 2020-2030 strategy plan called: Envision 2030

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Durban University of Technology (DUT), Professor Thandwa Mthembu made an exciting announcement, at the second annual State of the University Address (SOUA), at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, yesterday, 26 February 2020.

He named the staff member who came up with the refreshing and impactful strategy name for the new 2020-2030 strategic plan for DUT. Miss Fiona Pillay, won R20 000 for coming up with the exciting 2020-2030 strategy plan called: Envision 2030.

The Communications Team spoke to Pillay after the event, who was ecstatic to hear of her win. “I’m super excited! It’s humbling when you are recognised for what you love to do. Conceptualisation has always been what I have enjoyed about the design process. I ‘envision’ the words, then put pen to paper (in this instance mouse to computer screen) to see how it all comes together as a concept,” said an elated Fiona Pillay.

Pillay explained more on what the name depicts. “V is for victory – we can achieve the goals and plans we (DUT) have set out to achieve by 2030.

The converging faculty colours in the ‘V’ suggest us (DUT) coming together as a whole to achieve success. The word Envision conjures up possibilities of what could be if we (DUT) work together.

The cross hairs are the target to aim forward toward achieving our goals,” she said excitedly.

Pillay further added that since 2015, she had poured over the Strategic Plan as she used it to back up her research in producing an App for the DUT student newsletter for her Honours Degree.

“Since reading the updated Strat Plan 2.0 from Prof Mthembu and looking at the Strat Map 2030, which is online, I could see what these visionary leaders were aspiring to for the university,” she said.

Prof Mthembu said thanks goes to Pillay for not only giving DUT’s strategy a name, but providing a very creative visual design for it. “You are far ahead of many on this exciting flight to 2030,” he said jubilantly.

Pictured: Fiona Pillay with the new strategy name.

Waheeda Peters

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