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As one of South Africa’s renowned fashion designers, Gideon explains his fashion path that has become interwoven with DUT.

“I had always wanted to lecture and share my knowledge with students and one day out of the blue I received a call from the head of department Mrs Sunthra Moodley to consider coming to DUT to head the creative design for the third- year students. I was both hesitant and excited but after our meeting I jumped at the opportunity and have been loving my time at DUT.

He is renowned for his distinctive and contemporary tailoring, fusion of textures and colour, and innovative layering and deconstructed designs.

Gideon has successfully represented South Africa at London Fashion Week twice, impressing international media and fashion editors with his distinct collections.

His garments have been featured in the pages of all major local magazines, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire as well as in the international titles British Vogue, Wallpaper Magazine, ID Magazine and Collezione Sport and Street.

Being a part-time lecturer at the Durban University of Technology and taking care of his fashion business, Gideon gives more insight into how he juggles the two.

“Having to lecture and run my own business means I have to ensure a strict guideline of work in progress and adhere to a precise timetable. this is to ensure both sides of creativity receive the time and dedication they deserve, “he said. 

Having been in the fashion industry for so many years, Gideon explains how fashion has evolved, especially with technology.

“Fashion is ever evolving and continually does a 360 on itself. The rise and importance of technology has helped greatly, from students being able to research fabrics, cuts, inspirations, etc., at the push of a button; to help understand the importance and practicality of destructive waste in the industry to the visual imagery and audio that inspires them, technology has become an instrument of constant support,” he said.

Gideon stressed that he continually tells his students that fashion is about one’s own voice being heard and not copying and technology helps them research and find their voice.

Gideon explained that with COVID-19 it has brought about the importance of reinvention in fashion.

“In all the aspects that COVID-19 has affected the world I truly believe in fashion it has taught us self-discipline in work, responsibility and to tell a true and direct story of our ranges and capsule collections. COVID-19 has taught us about the importance of reinvention and to allow yourself to evolve. You have to constantly change to be relevant and question the world around you. Embrace what you have and see that this translates into collections. I tell my students that if one becomes stagnant or complacent, especially in this new face of fashion, you will be left behind,” he indicated. 

Going forward, Gideon aims to stay true to himself, continue working hard, inspiring, and reinventing himself.

Pictured: Gideon

Waheeda Peters

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