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DUT’s Human Resource Management Orientation, A Success!

DUT’s Human Resource Management Orientation, A Success!

Being a student-centred University, the Durban University of Technology (DUT) aims to provide its students with the kind of learning environment that helps them grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.

With that in mind, DUT’s Human Resource Management Department team hosted its annual Human Resource Management orientation for the first-year students at the ML Sultan Campus on Tuesday, 26 February 2019.

Under the helm of the Human Resource Management organising committee team consisting of Sifiso Myeni, Tatenda Chikikwa and Baphiwe Daweti, the event provided first-year students with the guidance of what facilities are available and accessible to them on campus as well as the role DUT plays in enhancing their academic studies.

Welcoming and thanking the students for their attendance to the event was Dr Melanie Lourens-Head of the Human Resource Management Department, who stressed to the students that they should be proud of what they had achieved by reaching such a point at DUT.

“Very soon you are going to be known as the class of 2021 and it’s going to fly by the three years that you have got. It’s also going to be a stepping stone for you as an individual because what you make of this experience is in your hands and we (lecturers) will be there every step of the way to guide and carry you as best as we can, giving you as much support as possible but it’s going to be your aim your goal and your objective, as it is the first stepping stone in your higher education career,” she stressed.

Adding further words of encouragement was Dr David Mohale, who is the Director: Special Projects in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor at DUT, who welcomed the first-year students, adding that they have come to the right University and he also hopes to see students contribute to the University’s field of excellence.

“It is important that you discipline your thought and your thought processes because from how you think will determine how you act, that relationship is very intimate between your thoughts and behaviour. If you are positive, we will see by the quality of results that you have achieved at the end of the year,” he said.

Also taking to the podium to officially welcome the first-year students was Phumlani Sithole -Deputy secretary of the SRC, who spoke on behalf of the SRC president in his absentia. He congratulated the students for making it to a University level at all odds. “It is a privilege to welcome you to our DUT society. A University which has come to be known as one of the best universities not only in South Africa but in the world. It is also known for producing an excellent academic curriculum and continues to produce world renowned teaching professionals,” he said.

Giving students a preview of what industry looks for once students finish their courses and look for jobs was Minenhle Scott- Acting Human Resources Manager: Development and Special Projects (eThekwini Municipality).

He spoke about the attributes which emerge as major importance to employers such as the ability to work in a modern organisation, communication, interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for learning and being ambitious.
“We (Industry) can be the change agents in the transformation agenda needed in the building industry. Also, as the Tripartite Alliance in the educational journey, we must create an environment that encourage and empower our students. By working together, we can provide a platform to engage with and grow the Human Resources industry in the eThekwini and in South Africa,” he said.

Other speakers included representatives from Student counselling, health, e-learning, the library and the Writing Centre.

Pictured: DUT’s Baphiwe Daweti, Bongi Mpungose (Senior Librarian), Dr David Mohale (Director: Special Projects in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor at DUT), Minenhle Scott (eThekwini Municipality), Phumlani Sithole (Deputy secretary of the SRC), and Dr Melanie Lourens (Head of the Human Resource Management Department), at the event.

Waheeda Peters

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