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DUT’s International Exchange Students Orientation, A Great Success

DUT’s International Exchange Students Orientation, A Great Success

The International Education and Partnerships (IEP) Directorate at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) held its orientation for the exchange students as part of its annual exchange students programme, held at the Hotel School, Ritson Campus, on 31 January 2020.

The exchange programme provides these students with the opportunity to experience lectures from a different perspective. It also provides students with the opportunity of experiencing the culture of KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.

DUT IEP Education Officer Carol Newman, said: “Exchange programmes play a vital role in promoting internationalisation by highlighting activities in all DUT departments which can potentially lead to new international partners and collaborations.”

IEP Director Dr Lavern Samuels gave a warm welcome to all the exchange students, saying that the experience given to them is more than just gaining good credits but it was an experience they could learn many things from. “I hope this experience is a start of your new life as it is different from all others, you will learn diversity and I hope you experience that quality of life away from home,” he said.

As part of the orientation students were briefed on all facilities they could use at DUT. DUT librarian, Claire Spershott also shared her knowledge on all the university libraries and psychologists that are available at DUT. Philile Mtshali spoke on the role of student counselling. The Sports Officer at DUT, Jason Stout gave more background on all the different sporting codes that the exchange students can participate in, and registered nurse, Sister Lynette Chetty also guided students on the student health facilities that exist at DUT and how they can gain access to it.

Additionally, the exchange student programme differs in terms of duration, some of the students will be at DUT for the first term and others will be at DUT for the first semester. The exchange students at DUT are in the faculties of Management Sciences, Accounting and Informatics, Engineering and the Built Environment as well as the Faculty of Arts and Design.

The students are from different countries and universities and majority of the students are from universities in Germany, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), Campus Ravensburg, Campus Loerrach and Campus Stuttgart, Hochschule Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and Munich University of Applied Sciences. Other international students are studying at the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, ENSAIT School of Engineering in France and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Pictured: International exchange students during the orientation.

Nomfundo Ngcobo

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