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Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Electrical Engineering student, Lynton Julie was recently given a wondrous opportunity to further his postgraduate studies, after receiving funding from the Apostle Victor Glenn Smith Foundation.

The foundation aims to empower youth from the Wentworth community by investing in the futures of students studying at universities. Julie was one of five diligent young individuals from the community to receive support from the foundation. He generously received a R20 000 donation towards his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Power Engineering.

“I was extremely grateful when I found out I was going to receive funding for my studies, a huge financial load has now been lifted off me,” said Julie.

The fourth-year student said that he has always had a passion for electricity and in the past has even ventured to fix his neighbour’s house wiring and electrical appliances. Julie hopes to one day open his own company, after he has obtained enough experience.

“Once I have completed my BTech, I intend on obtaining my wire-man’s licence. This will allow me to sign off installations and projects,” said Julie.

The Engineering student says that his personal mantra of ‘God over everything’, has stuck with him from his primary school days and still remains with him today. Julie advises university students to always put in effort, in order to see academic success.

“Nothing is ever easy to get what you want you need to put in the work. To get what you never had, you need to do what you have never done before,” said Julie.

Pictured: Lynton Julie receives his cheque from Elaine Smith, who is from the Apostle Victor Glenn Smith Foundation.

Carissa Marnce

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