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DUT’s Nomfanelo Making Waves on Local Radio

DUT’s Nomfanelo Making Waves on Local Radio

Nomfanelo Dlomo, the new producer for The Big Bang show which airs in Durban based Gagasi FM, is not only a DUT Master’s student, but a two time cum laude Public Relations Management graduate from the University.

In 2015, Dlomo resigned from her job to pursue her Bachelor of Technology (BTech) studies, and little did she know that not only would she excel in her studies, but he career would take off with “a big bang” a year later. 

After completing her studies, the 25 year old from Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, became a lecturer; teaching Public Relations studies.

“The decision to leave my job end at the of 2014 was not easy. However, looking back now, I feel proud that not only have I made it, but so many opportunities have been presented to me and I am grateful to God,” said Dlomo.

Dlomo, who was approached by a Gagasi FM DJ in 2015 to assist in organising a women’s empowerment event, was soon after appointed as a content producer for the Big Bang show. Dlomo manages all content for the show’s presenters.

“When I was offered this opportunity, I had my reservations considering I had no experience on radio but I knew that great careers were made on taking risks and challenging yourself. It is then that I applied and was screened through interview processes. In all of them, I was able to convince them that I could be trusted with the task,” said Dlomo. She added, “I’m optimistic towards the future and all the possibilities that lie ahead. I’m also grateful to my mother who always encouraged me to never accept defeat but to see it as a mere distraction that one can overcome.” 

About Nomfanelo Dlomo

  • – Is the third of four daughters.
  • – Loves athletics and academics and has excelled in both.
  • – Intended to Bio-Medical Technology but ended up pursuing PR instead.
  • – Has worked as a publicist for the We Can Arts Festival which deals with people living with disabilities.
  • – Hopes to pursue entrepreneurship and establish her own PR agency, invest in property and work with youth development initiatives. 

– Noxolo Memela

Pictured: Nomfanelo Dlomo, DUT Master’s student and Gagasi FM’s The Big Bang Show content producer.

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