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“This is a great achievement, I am really proud of my accomplishment,” said the 26-year-old Verushka Sewsunker.   

Sewsunker has obtained Cum Laude in the Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering (Urban) and is awaiting the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Virtual Autumn Graduation ceremony on Thursday, 27 May 2021.  

“I feel a great sense of pride having obtained Cum laude for my studies, seeing that this is a prestige accolade,” she said.   

Sewsunker says her love for Science and Mathematics made her to pursue a career in Civil Engineering.   

“Studying Civil Engineering was my first choice. I always enjoyed Science and Mathematics. I was intrigued by the development of infrastructure, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to know that I will be part of helping society to become more advanced by adapting the infrastructure to meet challenges brought on in our daily lives and to making a positive difference to the world as an engineer,” she said.  

The ambitious Sewsunker, as she describes herself, is the first one in her family to have ever pursue and complete a qualification in Civil Engineering. Sewsunker is working hard to change the narratives about Civil Engineering being a male dominated industry.   

“My parents were ecstatic and proud upon hearing the news. This is a male dominated industry, but many women have broken the barriers and now have become a formidable force in the industry. I too want to break down any form of barriers by gaining sufficient experience and eventually be officially registered,” she said.   

She spoke about some of the challenges she had faced in her journey which entailed striking, studying and her work life.   

“I also commenced a new job during my studies which added a further strain as I needed more time to prove my capabilities to established engineers in my company. Working an eight-hour day job and still having to attend night lectures was tough. I had to cut-off my social life as I had to complete many assignments, projects and focus on exams,” she explained.   

Sewsunker who is eagerly awaiting her graduation on Thursday, 27 May 2021, said that initially she was disappointed when she heard that the graduation will be virtual because this is a proud moment for her.   

‘I would have loved to celebrate with my peers and family. However, I am grateful that I am still given this opportunity to celebrate my special moment amidst this pandemic,” she said.   

In essence with what she still wants to achieve, Sewsunker wishes to further her studies and open her own consulting firm.   

“I am self-motivated and that helped me to achieve this childhood dream. My excellent results that I obtained in each semester motivated me to better myself in the following semester. The advice I would give to students who wants to study Civil Engineering is hard work, dedication, and sheer diligence is the perfect recipe for success,” said Sewsunker 

Pictured: Verushka Sewsunker 

Nikiwe Sukazi.   

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