Ignatious Matimati   Head of Department
Dr Ignatious Matimati
Qualification & Institution: PhD Botany, University of Cape Town
Tel: 031 373 5125
Email: ignatiousm@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Plant Protection, Plant Ecophysiology
Bio: My journey in plant sciences began at University of Zimbabwe with a BSc Hons in Crop Science (1999), majoring in horticultural science, and then a part-time MPhil Agriculture (2006). I joined the Horticulture Research Centre as a research officer and then Midlands State University as a horticulture lecturer. Between 2007 and 2009, Biodiversity Transect Africa (BIOTA) funded my internship in the Climate Change & Bio-Adaptation Division at SANBI’s Kirstenbosch Research Centre. I used the opportunity to register for an MSc Botany at University of The Western Cape (2007-2009). Readmore

Sphelele Mhlophe   Secretary
Ms Sphelele Mhlophe
Qualification & Institution: B-Tech: Public Relations Management, DUT
Tel: 031 373 5124
Email: sphelelem@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Administration
Bio: I joined the Horticulture department in June 2018 and was appointed on a permanent basis in April 2019. I completed my in-service training in 2016 and joined DUT as a part-time assistant, working at the department of Public relations and International Office. I have 4 years of relevant experience and much knowledge of the DUT system as I have been a student myself and with that it makes it easier for me to work in an academic department.
Academic Interests: Business Administration, Office Management.

Mack Moyo9   Senior Lecturer
Dr Mack Moyo 
Qualification & Institution: PhD, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Tel: 031 373 5282
Email: mackm@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Plant biology and biotechnology, Plant physiology, Ornamental horticulture
Bio: I joined the Department of Horticulture in July 2019. The thematic focus for my PhD was on micropropagation of medicinal plants using novel cytokinins. In my Postdoctoral research in the School of Life Sciences (University of KwaZulu-Natal), I continued on this thematic path exploring the influence of exogenous plant growth regulators on biosynthesis of endogenous cytokinin and auxin metabolites and their effect on ex vitro plant growth and development. In addition, I initiated research on abiotic plant stress physiology, studying drought, salinity and nutrient stress in indigenous vegetables and ornamental plants. Readmore

Jonathan Foley   Senior Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Foley
Qualification & Institution: PhD University of Kwazulu-Natal
Tel: 031 373 5436
Email: jonathan@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Landscape Design, conservation and indigenous plants
Bio: Jonathan trained as a horticulturist in 1983 graduating from Technikon Natal (Now Dut) in the same year. He worked as a senior horticulturist with the then Natal Provincial Administration as well as in private enterprise designing and creating corporate, institutional and private landscapes. Since joining DUT in 1995 Jonathan served a range of roles heading up the horticulture department in 2000 -2006 and now as senior lecturer for both the School of Horticulture and the Work Integrated Learning programs which are run in 3rd year. He is active in the landscape industry having been a South African Landscapers Institute (SALI) provincial judge for the annual Awards of Excellence for the last 3 years and is currently serving on the SALI KZN exco committee for training…Readmore

All-focus   Lecturer
Dr Pravin Mark Maistry 
Qualification & Institution: PhD Botany, University of Cape Town
Tel: 031 373 5236
Email: pravinm@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Botany, Plant ecophysiology, Horticulture
Bio: I joined the Horticulture Department as a lecturer in August 2020. In my PhD, I used detailed and innovative experiments on plant roots and their symbionts to investigate resource limitation, and nutrient acquisition mechanisms of N2-fixing legume species, in the nutrient poor soils of the Cape fynbos biome. Thereafter, I was a Claude Leon Postdoctoral Fellow in Forest Molecular Genetics, in the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria. Here I studied the genetics and biochemistry of wood formation in Eucalyptus, using the model species Arabidopsis thaliana. In September 2018, I was appointed as Specialist Propagation Science at Mondi’s nursery in Hilton. Readmore

oznorCO_vivi   Lecturer
Ms Indrani (Hazel) Govender
Qualification & Institution: MSc (Environmental Science), University of Natal
Tel: 031 373 5285
Email: indranig@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Environmental Sustainability, Ecology, Ecological Risk Assessment
Bio: I joined the Durban University of Technology in 2010. My previous experience includes Environmental Management in the textile industry and local government, as well as teaching at high school level. My experienceincludes working closely with consultants on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), reviewing EIAs, regulatory monitoring of receiving waters, wastewater treatment works and land-based environmental impacts, ISO 14001 system implementation, environmental training of employees and a one-year International Scholarship on Advanced Professional Training in Environmental Management. Readmore

Dhiren Govender   Lecturer
Mr Dhiren Munsami Govender
Qualification & Institution: MTech Degree Human Resources Management (Cum Laude) Durban University of Technology
Tel: 031 373 5233
Email: dhireng@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of Expertise: Plant Propagation, Turfgrass Culture and Management.
Bio: I joined the Department of Horticulture as a lecturer in January 2006 and served as the HoD for 10 years. I have a National Diploma Horticulture, Bachelors Technology Degree Horticulture (Cum Laude), Bachelors Technology Degree Business Administration and a Masters Technology Degree Human Resources Management (Cum Laude).In my MTech, I focused on the human resource aspect of the horticultural industry. I am currently registered at the DUT for a Doctor of Applied Sciences. My research explores the use of stable water isotopes to understand the contributions of rainwater harvesting technologies in horticulture. Readmore

Astrid Badenhorst   Lecturer
Ms Astrid Badenhorst
MSc Environmental Management (UNISA)
Tel: 031 373 5105
Email: astridb@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Bio: I am a horticulturist and an educator. I lecture Growth Media Studies, Horticulture (Production, Intensive Growing, and Greenhouse Technology), and Sustainable Horticulture. As an environmentalist, my research focuses on the analysis of policy challenges related to invasive species and the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 2004. I am a certified South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC) Invasive Plant Specialist and serve on the board of the Intensive Growers Association (IGA).
Collaborations: Dr Naresh Subedi, National Trust for Nature Conservation Kathmandu, Nepal. Intensive Growers Association (IGA), KZN. EThekwini Biodiversity Forum. Reshnee Lalla, KZN Invasive Forum. Prof John Wilson, Biological Invasive Directorate, SANBI. Kay Montgomery, South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC). Viloshnie Reddy, EThekwini Municipality.

Thagen Anumanthoo   Senior Technical Assistant
Mr Thagen Anumanthoo
Qualification & Institution: MSc Horticultural Science (UKZN)
Tel: 031 373 6420/5124
Email: thagena@dut.ac.za
Campus: Ritson campus
Area of Expertise: Art and science of horticulture
Bio: My key role is to assist lecturers in the delivery of practical’s in horticulture programmes. In the nursery, I am responsible for plant propagation and sales as well as plant decors. I have explored the recycling of biomass from alien invasive plants together with the controls to grow rocket and thyme herbs in my research. My technical expertise is complemented by previous work experience in botanical gardens and Eco-estates.
Academic Interests
: Teaching, training, mentoring
Research Links
: Alien Invasive Plant Species. Management of Horticultural programmes

Philile Patience Ngcobo   Technical assistant
Ms Philile Patience Ngcobo
Qualification & institution: BT: Horticulture, Durban University of Technology
Tel: 031 373 6842
Email: phililen@dut.ac.za
Campus: ML Sultan Campus
Area of expertise: Environmental Conservation and sustainability
Bio: I joined the Department of Horticulture as a Technical Assistant in August 2020. I have a National Diploma in Horticulture (Cum Laude) and BTech in Horticulture (Cum Laude) obtained at Durban university of Technology. In 2017-2019 I was working in the Department as an academic tutor where I offered academic support to students, offer technical support to the department, identifying and monitoring of at risk students, I conducted tutorials and assisted during Plant Studies practical’s. In March 2016 I was appointed as a Site Environmental Officer at Esor Constructions. I was in charge of daily site inspections to ensure project compliance with the EMP document, identification of plant species and rescue of plant species in the working servitude, alien vegetation control and rehabilitation of disturbed areas during construction. Readmore

General Assistants:

Assisting the department in making the environment and university green for student activities. Greening projects for departments within DUT. 

Linda Khanyile Linda Blessing Khanyile
Tel: 031 373 5124
Email: lindanik@dut.ac.za
Ritson Campus

Nosipho Nokwindla Nosipho Nokwindla
Tel: 031 373 5124
Email: nosiphon@dut.ac.za
Campus: Ritson Campus

Snothi Mdunge Snothi Mdunge
Tel: 031 373 5124
Email: SnothiM@dut.ac.za
Ritson Campus

Andile Alfred Mkhize Andile Alfred Mkhize
Tel: 031 373 5124
Email: alfredM1@dut.ac.za
Ritson Campus