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Five Year Extension to Prof Bawa’s Contract

Five Year Extension to Prof Bawa’s Contract

The Council of the Durban University of Technology has offered its Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Ahmed Bawa, a second five-year contract that will result in him staying on at the University until 2020.

This decision by the Council of the University was taken at a meeting last Saturday 7 March 2015. Prof. Bawa, who is the current Vice-Chancellor at DUT, has since accepted the opportunity to see out a second and final term as Principal of the University.

Prof. Bawa was appointed in 2010 and he has been at the forefront of improving key strategic areas at DUT. He has focused his efforts on making DUT a student-centred University and he has inspired a great deal of emphasis on teaching, research and building a sustainable DUT. Prof. Bawa has committed his strategic plan to also include research and innovation for development, building DUT into a learning organisation and making sure that the University, which is deeply rooted within its local context, remains accessible to the communities of KZN.

Recent media reports have cited that the average term of office for Vice-Chancellors at South African universities as being 3.7 years. With that in mind, DUT is thrilled that Prof. Bawa has committed himself to the University until 2020, which will see him spend a decade as the Vice-Chancellor.

DUT Council Chairperson and the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Durban-Westville, Dr Jairam Reddy said, “The Council has recognised the visionary, innovative and thoughtful leadership that Professor Ahmed Bawa has brought to the Durban University of Technology during the last five years. He has stabilised the institution, lifted staff morale, crafted an inspiring strategic plan through a consultative process and promoted robust intellectual debate on the campus. The Council is very pleased to appoint Professor Bawa for a second five year term and is confident that with his leadership, the Durban University of Technology will bring out the best in its staff and students.”

Prof. Bawa thanked the University Council for demonstrating the confidence that they had in his leadership. “Serving staff and students at the Durban University of Technology has been one of the privileges of my life. It is such a pleasure to work with so many people who are so talented and with such passion to help our students succeed in their studies. The Council has been inspirational and a source of excellent governance,” he said.

The Council of the University has also offered a five-year contract extension that ends in 2020, to Prof. Nomthandazo Gwele, who is the current Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic. Dr Reddy said that he was pleased that the senior executive leadership team remains constant, strong and focused.

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