Gallery celebrates strong female artists

Gallery celebrates strong female artists


WOMEN’S month is especially important for Art on Kingsway as this independent gallery was created in January 2017 due to the combined efforts of female artists in Amanzimtoti who wanted to showcase their work.

Speaking on the creation of the gallery, curator Brenda Pratt said: “It was a quiet affair, no guns blazing, no political grand standing just a quiet, orderly attempt to have their work seen by the public. “It was a slow start, but more and more women joined the gallery.”

Since then, they have grown in number and their work has improved in quality. “We are proud to say that we can claim to have top quality work in an astounding gallery space and we can hold our own against the best in KwaZulu Natal.

“We have shown fibreworks; photography; handmade cards and paintings in the form of oils, acrylics and watercolour; and now we are delighted to add fluid art to our exhibitions.

“In addition, we love having the occasional male artist display their work with us.

“We are confident that the people of the lower South Coast will embrace this little miracle in their midst, and that we women will continue to impress,” added Pratt. Each month, the gallery hosts a show case of a featured artist. This Women’s Month, the work of Vanessa Mayhew will be featured throughout the month.

Mayhew specialises in fluid art and, having studied at the Durban University of Technology in the nineties, she has a background in Fine Art. Mayhew has been involved in teaching and selling arts and crafts for most of her adult life. She hosts workshops three times a week at her studio, which is situated halfway between Hillcrest and Water fall.

Speaking on Mayhew’s work, Pratt said: “There is so much that one can do with fluid art. Vanessa never tires of experimenting and pushing the boundaries , as nothing ever comes out the way one expects it to, and no two pours are ever the same. All those who have done one of her workshops know that this adds to the pleasure of this medium.

“She also loves the fact that she can paint over a canvas, using the work beneath, if she is not satisfied. It allows for so much freedom and richness.” The launch of Mayhew’s exhibition will take place on Saturday, August 3 from 11 am to noon at the gallery. All visitors are welcome, and refreshments will be served.

Artworks to suit all pockets will be available. Surprise yourself and celebrate Women’s month.

In addition, works depicting the theme “Mindscapes” will be on display and people can vote for the one they think best depicts the theme.

-Purnal Poonusamy

Image: Artist Vanessa Mayhew.

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Copy Supplied by Amanzimtoti Fever

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