Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Moving!

Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Moving!


Encouraging staff to become the ‘best version of themselves’, is the aim of the launch and trial session of the 2019 Spring into fitness challenge which took place at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre Aerobics Room, on 10 September 2019.

For eight weeks, staff members at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) will be sweating it out during the gruelling 2019 Spring into Fitness Challenge in a bid to become healthier and fitter.

The Challenge, which has been organised by Samantha Rajcoomar, Manager of the Employee Wellness Programme, is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles amongst staff by introducing fun, exciting fitness challenges, and encouraging staff to take responsibility for their health.

“This is a great way of promoting healthy living, better mind and body health, improved interpersonal relationships and regular exercising amongst employees. “It also allows employees to formulate their personal health goals to become healthier, energetic and happier employees. This challenge hopes to cultivates fun, healthy competition among employees. It is envisaged to improve employee engagement, boost morale whilst fostering camaraderie,” she said.

Rajcoomar further stated that incorporating a healthy lifestyle in an employee’s busy schedule is sure to create a much needed balance, reduce stress and improve performance. She also added that having the HR Senior Director’s involvement and support to the Spring into Health and Fitness challenge was inspiring and a clear reflection of her commitment to employee wellbeing.

“Health screenings will be conducted to understand one’s current health status and to adopt a healthy lifestyle as a preventative measure in terms of addressing possible chronic health conditions. The challenge is not only judged by weight loss and fitness levels, but also an employee’s commitment, effort and attitude towards the challenge and lifestyle behavior modification,” she stressed.

The launch also included a ‘food and nutrition’ talk by a food science specialist Professor Eric Oscar Amonsou, who said that to improve one’s health one needs to keep to a balanced diet, and aiming to improve one’s eating habits for better nutrition.

Fitness Trainer Wandisa Thusi said he is looking forward to providing fitness classes to target all parts of the body and help those in attendance to keep fit, look good and enjoy the classes ahead.

DUT’s Dr Laverne Samuels, also gave an inspirational talk on his journey from an unfit person to a health-conscious individual.

“It is a journey that you have to take on your own, you have to it for the long haul, fitness is about changing habits and changing your lifestyle,” he said.

An excited Lulu Jali said she is on board with the fitness challenge and thoroughly enjoyed Dr Samuels talk. “I do hope people will be committed and do something about their lives, because it is all about you and your life,” she said.

Pictured: Senior Director: Human Resources, Dr Vuyo Mthethwa, enjoys the introductory fitness session with fitness trainer Wandisa Thusi.

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