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Govender Aims To Become A Fearless Leader In The Shipping World

Govender Aims To Become A Fearless Leader In The Shipping World


“I feel a sense of true joy and accomplishment and when you make small sacrifices it is nothing compared to the rewards that one would reap,” said an elated Celine Govender.

The 24-year-old lass will graduate Cum Laude and the esteemed Dean’s Merit Award for her Diploma in Shipping and Logistics, at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) 2020 Virtual Graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 10 June 2020 at 12pm.

Despite working a full-time job, facing transportation challenges and enduring many sleepless nights, Govender kept going and with words of encouragement and support from her family she persevered and accomplished her goal of scoring top marks.

She feels extremely grateful and excited, even though there were tough times she had faced, having to work, whilst managing her home life and studying at the same time.

Govender also said that whilst there were tough days, there were fun elements of being a student during her four years too, and she was extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to gain experience in the shipping world and learning a lot from her experiences.

For now, her focus is on her graduation and embracing the reality of a virtual graduation ceremony during Covid-19, was going to be different.

“I guess I am also a bit on the fence with the virtual graduation as it will take the joy of physically sharing an auspicious day with your fellow students who you have endured good and tough times with you, but we (students) are in an ever-changing environment and we have to adapt, so even though I am on the fence I am ready to embrace something different,” she added.

When asked if her parents are upset on not having the opportunity to see her graduate in person, she said it was sad but inevitable. “I would have liked to have shared the day with my family whilst going up on a stage and receiving this achievement. It saddens my heart but we have to accept the things we cannot change and embrace the things we can,” said Govender.

The hard working go-getter is currently working for Hamburg Süd South Africa as a yield management specialist and aims to continue studying further in the future.

For Govender, being dedicated and staying true to a commitment will not only teach one a great deal of responsibility but also prep one for what really is to come.

My advice to future Shipping and Logistics students is that this is an ever changing environment. “You got to be able to change at any given time without resistance, this is a field for someone who enjoys adapting and learning new things every day,” she said.

Govender wants to continue working her way to the top in her career field and hopes to become a strong, fearless leader in the shipping world.

Pictured: Celine Govender

Waheeda Peters

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