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Govender Believes In Working Hard and Smart To Achieve One’s Goals

Govender Believes In Working Hard and Smart To Achieve One’s Goals

The dynamic, 22-year-old Preleen Govender is excited to be graduating with Cum Laude and the prestigious Dean’s Merit Award for her Bachelor of Technology in Management Sciences: Business Law. She will be graduating at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Virtual Graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 10 June 2020 at 12pm.

“Obtaining Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit award is a great accomplishment and I am relieved to have the fruit of my hard work. The first time I achieved these awards was for my Diploma. I was actually surprised because before finding out I had achieved these awards I had not paid heed to them. In fact, I did not actually know much about them, other than they existed. My goal was to just complete my diploma to the best of my abilities; I did not do it for the recognition, which was obviously a pleasant consequence,” she said happily.

Besides her being ecstatic about her achievement, her parents are also extremely proud of her and for Govender that meant more than the achievements. Also, they were her biggest motivation and always motivated her to do her best in her academic field of study.

Govender, whose mom works for the TENUSA union office at DUT, is also studying Management Sciences: Business Administration.

She did confess that Business Law was not her first choice, and when she was accepted into the programme her adventurous side prompted her to take this newly-introduced course.

Being a student had its ups and downs and Govender said that the tough part of being a student is having the ability to prioritise, setting aside time to study and actually studying. “In addition, the stress of having to concentrate on more than one module can be overwhelming. Studying is not all a student has to do, we still need a personal life. Fitting everything we have to do, want to do and should do, in 24 hours sometimes seems impossible,” she added. However, she did feel that being a student is not all bad, especially seeing one’s hard work payoff is so motivating and the relief one feels is out of this world.

Currently, Govender has registered to do her Masters’. “I will be submitting my proposal in July. At the moment my Master’s does not require lectures so I am currently seeking employment, but due to the pandemic that has been put on pause,” she said.

Also, she recently found out that she has a knack for teaching, and would not mind getting into a lecturing environment because of her love for teaching others.

Her advice to first-year students wanting to study Business Law is to never leave things until the last minute. “Ask questions, always question why. Lecturers may seem strict at times but they are always available to help and will never say no. don’t be afraid, this is your life,” she said.

Pictured: Preleen Govender

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