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Healing patients from inside out naturally

Healing patients from inside out naturally

pretty brightness

Durban homeopath Pretty Brightness Mkhize is changing the way people think about their afflictions and sees potential for the alternative treatment of chronic conditions, which have become so prevalent nowadays.

Healing patients from inside out naturally not to be confused with traditional medicine, homeopathy aims to offer patients an alternate form of medicine that treats root causes,writes sizwe sisoka meet Pretty Brightness Mkhize, the homeopathic medical practitioner, offering alternative medicine to Durban’s citizens.

The 31 yearold woman dreamed of becoming a doctor while in her teens, as a pupil at Durban Girls’ High School. Born in the southern Durban township of uMlazi, Mkhize grew up in Umbilo and later studied towards a master’s degree in homeopathy, from the Durban University of Technology with her research focus on diabetes mellitus type II. Mkhize was one of the first black women to open a homeopathic practice in KwaZuluNatal, with the launch on September 25, 2016. “I was able to introduce homeopathy to my clients and educate them about alternative medicine, along with the gentle effects and vast benefits of homeopathy” said Mkhize, explaining how successful the launch was. She runs her practice from the Durdoc Centre in Anton Lembede Street, Durban CBD.

She defined homeopathy as “a system of alternative medicine that triggers the body’s own healing mechanism”. “My vision is to take the business into many underdeveloped parts of the province, primarily to heal people using homeopathy and to educate them about it,” said Mkhize. But is there interest in homeopathic medicine in Durban? She says: “The demand for homeopathy stems from a steady decline in satisfaction with the allopathic treatment offered and numerous side effects. “There has been a rapid increase in chronic conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “This has led to more people depending on allopathic medication to get through the day, but they are also experiencing the harsh side effects of the treatment. “Many have now begun to seek other ways to treat their conditions with the hope of eradicating the disease or living a normal life, without having to suffer from the painful symptoms of these chronic conditions.

“Homeopathy then gives people safe treatment which is nontoxic and harmless. It treats the disease from its root cause rather than the symptoms and provides a longterm or permanent cure. “Fortunately, many people are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle using natural ways to treat these conditions”. She remains motivated to cultivate the alternative medicine business and plans to open other branches in various parts of the province in the near future. But it has not been an easy ride. Mkhize admits that the most challenging part of the business is teaching people about the natural way of healing. She said most of the time people expected to get a lot of medicine from doctors. “Some tend to confuse homeopathy with traditional healing,” said Mkhize. “People confuse traditional medication and allopathic because the notion that the medication is natural makes them think it is traditional but we must remember that homeopathy has no cultural or religious affiliation, as in the case of traditional medicine.

“Homeopathy bases its treatment on encouraging the body’s healing powers to bring health, vitality and wellbeing. It does not treat superficially by dealing with symptoms; instead it heals the patient from within. “Homeopathy uses plants, animals and minerals to form remedies through a series of dilutions and succussions done through reputable labs,” she said. She said there was much confusion about where homeopaths fell in, especially among African communities. “As a businesswoman and a doctor, it is important for me to come up with new ideas to look after the health interests of my patients. These help to manage the business,” she added. She said that the business constituted her primary income. She charges R350 for a consultation, with medication.


Tel: 031 825 9579.

Email: pbmkhize@homeodoc.

Physical address: Durdoc Centre, 460 Anton Lembede Smith Street, Durban.

Pictured: Dr Pretty Brightness Mkhize

KZN Business Report (Sunday Tribune) – 27 May 2018

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