The conference covers four themes, each containing a variety of topics. These are listed below:


  1. Materials and Applications:


Polymer, Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites Polymer, Ceramics and Metals, Bio-based Bio-mimetic Polymers / Composites Nanoparticles (Carbon Nanotubes, Nano whiskers, Bionano Particles, Graphene, Magnetic Nanoparticles, etc.)
Fibre Reinforced Composites Green Composites / Nanocomposites Particulate Composites
Interlaminar Reinforcements Textile Composites Hybrid Composites
Interfaces and Interphases Wood and Paper Nanocomposites and Nanotechnologies
Sandwich Structures Concrete Structures Novel Materials
Multifunctional Composites Composite Prepregs Resin Systems
Infrastructure (Rail, Sea, Land, Air, Civil) Applications in Health / Biomedical / Water Nanomedicine/ Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Systems
Energy, Low Cost Technologies Electronics and Communications (including consumer electronics) Recycling Consumer / Retail / Textile / Beverages / Food / Food Security
Nano Mechanical Devices Nano Bioengineering Sensors / Nano-biosensors




  1. Processing and Characterisation


Manufacturing Technologies (Moulding / Casting / Extrusion / Injection Moulding / Drawing / Blow Moulding / Thermoforming / Compression Moulding / Hand-layup / Other Related)
Processing and Manufacturing Technologies Thermo-mechanical
Advanced Processing Techniques of Nanocomposites Crystal Structure / Microstructure / Electronic Structure / Atomic Structure
Experimental techniques Crystallisation / Phase Transformation
NDE Technologies Optical Properties of Nanostructured Materials
Repair Technologies Electrical Properties of Nanostructured Materials
Machining / Polishing Rheology & Viscoelastic
Coatings / Thin Film Technologies Durability and Ageing




  1. Analysis and Optimisation


Damage and Fracture Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Multi-scale Modelling
Joint and Bearing Behaviour Probabilistic Design Finite Element Analysis
Mechanical and Physical Properties Mechanics of Composite & Sandwich Structures Meshless Methods & Novel Numerical Methods
Structural Design Progressive Failure Analysis Dynamics
Fracture Mechanics Delamination Impact
Fatigue Optimization Micromechanics
Vibration Standardisation Modelling and stimulation
Stability Friction and Wear CAD/CAM/CIM




  1. Quality Assurance


Risk Assessment Hazard Characterisation Company Ethics
Risk Management Safety Country Ethics
Risk Evaluation Code of Conduct Medical Ethics
Drug Delivery Strategic Roadmaps Modelling
Company Policy Disposal Fate
Licensing Bodies Recycling Lifecycle
Good Laboratory or Good Manufacturing Practice Standardisation of Practice Food Security