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Institutional Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (IPME) provides support for the integrated processes of planning, resource allocation as well as monitoring and evaluation that are designed to guide the University in fulfilling its purpose and determining how well it is achieving its strategic objectives.

Our Work

1. Strategic and Operational Planning
IPME’s core area of responsibility is facilitating the development of DUT’s strategic plan. In addition, annual core areas of responsibility include managing the development of the University’s Extended Annual Performance Plan (EAPP) and the Annual Performance Plan (APP).

ENVISION2030 is our strategy-on-a-page. It reflects our strategic intent and emphasises the outcomes and impact of our work, as encapsulated by the logic statement of our strategy map:

By living our values and principles within a culture of shared responsibility
and accountability, and embracing creativity,
we will build an enabling environment that supports dynamic curricula that inspire
innovation and entrepreneurship,
resulting in the delivery of a distinctively DUT experience, within an environmentally
responsible and financially sustainable framework
that leads to mutually beneficial collaborations, the practical application of knowledge and
future-ready graduates,
and thus contribute to improving lives and livelihoods.

2. Reporting
IPME has the primary responsibility of coordinating, preparing and submitting official reports on the University’s performance against its strategic and annual operational plans, for Council approval, enroute to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

3. Institutional Research
IPME’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) function supports institutional learning, innovation and advancement by monitoring and evaluating progress in achieving the strategic plan’s targeted outcomes and impacts. Our M&E work promotes organisational learning and adaptive management by gathering, integrating and transforming data into information and knowledge for decision-making, planning and policy formation.