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International Anti-Corruption day

International Anti-Corruption day


According to a survey by the Institute of Risk Management of SA, Fraud and Corruption is ranked in the top five risks. Necessarily, this means that DUT is not immune to this risk, and hence in the context of our institution we have also highlighted it in our strategic risk register – and as part of the APP. Simultaneously, Transparency International ranks South Africa number 73 out of 180 countries worldwide, which means we are falling behind some of our sister African countries as well.

Our institution thus recognises that this risk has an adverse impact on the delivery of the DUT 2030 Strategy. Hence we join the world in observing the International Anti-corruption Day, on the 9th of December by advocating for transparency and seeking to treat this disease going all the way. Say no to shortcuts, fraud, deceit and corruption. Celebrate International Anti-Corruption day by being honest and transparent now and beyond – and staying true to the DUT DNA.


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