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Investigating the Artistic Exploration of the Nude Figure

Investigating the Artistic Exploration of the Nude Figure

NSFW [Not Suitable for Work] a solo exhibition by Dane Stops opens at the Durban University of Technology Art Gallery on Monday, 7 November 2016 at 17h40.

The exhibition consists of work completed in partial fulfillment of a Master’s degree in Graphic Design.  This body of work is an investigation into the artistic exploration of the nude figure. Stops explores various aspects of social media and the internet and their contextual influence on contemporary society. The internet and associated media have influenced the way we communicate and represent ourselves through selfies, emojis and hashtags.

Stops looks at the contemporary overlap between public and private spaces and plays on the relationship between these two states; connecting the privacy of nudity and figure drawing with public art forms such as graffiti and advertising media. Almost all of the images that make up this exhibition were sourced online through Google searches and Tumblr sites.

The work on show makes use of a number of techniques, from traditional painting and drawing to print media and spray-paint.

Dane Stops is a graffiti artist and a part-time lecturer in the Graphic Design department at the Durban University of Technology. Follow him on Instagram: @danestops and on Facebook:

For more information, contact Gallery Curator Francesca Verga on 031-3732207 or email

More information about the event:

 Exhibition: NSFW: A Solo Exhibition

Artist: Dane Stops

Time and date: Exhibition opens: Monday, 7 November 2016 at 17h40

Exhibition closes: Friday, 4 December 2016 at 15h00

Venue: DUT Art Gallery, 51 Steve Biko Road, 1st Floor Cecil Renaud Library Complex

Gallery Hours: Monday – Thursday 08h30 to 15h30

Friday 08h30 to 15h00

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Pictured: Some of Dane Stops’ works.


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