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Isibaya’s Sphelele Mzimela speaks on her acting career

Isibaya’s Sphelele Mzimela speaks on her acting career

Isibaya’s Sphelele Mzimela speaks on her acting career : From a tender age of 10, Sphele knew she belonged in the entertainment industry. Lucky enough she joined the Isibaya cast straight after optaining her degree.

Here’s what she had to say about her role as Kentucky and where she’s taking her acting career.

Tell us about yourself
My name is Sphelele Mzimela and I am unapologetically born again Christian. I am a loving daughter, older sister, cousin, aunt and friend. I was born in Empangeni but got raised by my grandmother in Enyoni  township. I studied drama at the Durban University of technology and upon completing my diploma I enrolled at AFDA academy for a degree in motion picture. I then joined Isibaya after obtaining my degree. My time is split between work, church and gym.  I love music, I listen to a lot of music.

Why did you decide to go into acting ?
I have always loved anything that had to do with entertainment and from a young age I knew that I wanted to be on television.  After watching the movie Yesterday starring Leleti Khumalo my fire for acting was ignited and so I began to pursue it. I still can’t believe that I am on Isibaya.
What has your role on Isibaya taught you
My role has taught me to love genuinely, to have a resilient spirit and positive outlook on life. My character experienced sexual abuse at some point in the story but managed to heal from that horrific ordeal and bounce back like nothing ever happened. She didn’t let that experience taint how she sees life. She also has alot of respect for her authority and people around her.

Are there any similaries between Kentucky and Sphelele?
Kentucky is genuinely very loud bubbly and sticks her nose in other people’s business, she also doesn’t mind spreading gossip. I am very much withdrawn and I mind my own business, she also has a boyfriend and I don’t. To be honest, we have no similarities whatsoever.

Where do you plan on taking your brand?
I definitely want longevity in the industry so it’s very important that I watch my steps. I want a brand that exalts God and a brand that inspires young women to do better. Authenticity is very important to me, and being a public figure that a person of any background can connect to.

Any future plans?
I plan to continue acting and establishing a foundation that will help young girls back in the township I grew up in explore and nurture their talent. I also love radio, I am currently pursuing that dream as well.

Picture Credit: Marinus Gerber photography



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