Jacob Attributes Having Self-Discipline To Achieve Success

Jacob Attributes Having Self-Discipline To Achieve Success


“It is definitely a bitter sweet feeling for me, it was difficult to realise how far I have come and the things that I have accomplished. I have learnt a lot of new things from students and lecturers in class which have made me grow as a person. I have never tried to compare myself to my peers and I feel very proud of my achievements,” said 20-year-old Ricardo Jacob.

This morning (Tuesday, 14 May 2019) the self-disciplined Jacob graduated Cum Laude for his National Diploma in Accounting at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Fred Crookes Sports Centre in Durban; an experience that he will always look back on for the rest of his life.

Since high school he developed an interest in the Commerce field, which led him to choosing Accounting, Economics and Business studies as subjects in Grade 10.

“My parents always wanted me to succeed in my life and I knew that having a good qualification would give me a head start in life,” he said. Jacob said his biggest motivator was also his mother who encouraged him to study and go beyond his limits to excel in every task given to him.

However, he added that those who want to further their studies should do research in the field they keen on, brainstorm and weigh out the pros and cons. “If you have a passion for a particular career, you should align your studies with your passion,” added Jacob.

Going through his three-year journey was not without some obstacles which he had encountered. He stressed that entering University was a different surrounding compared to high school, and it was difficult to allocate tasks to each individual with everyone being of a diverse culture and having different skills and opinions. “I have experienced situations where people in my team were not performing, but through constant monitoring my team managed to complete projects before the submission date,” he said.

Jacob is currently studying towards his Btech in Cost and Management Accounting. “After achieving my Btech in Cost and Management Accounting, I am hoping to gain practical experience in a field that ties up with my studies by joining a graduate programme, and I would also like to share and learn new things from my peers,” he said.

He also aims to improve on his skills in Accounting and to build on his experience and become an accountant for a reputable company taking on leadership roles in the future.

Pictured: Ricardo Jacob.

Waheeda Peters

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