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An Institutional audit update by Dr Paulette Powell

The quality of what we do is our primary responsibility as the Durban University of Technology (DUT) staff members, so it stands to reason that our contribution to the Quality of the Institutional Audit self-evaluation report is also our combined responsibility!

After several months of meetings, writing workshops, and other communications with staff from across the university, the Institutional Audit Self Evaluation Report is finally reaching a stage where it is being circulated to faculties and Institutional Committees for comments. We are grateful that Dr Di Moodley (Research Coordinator) and Ms Andrea Alcock (DUT Writing Centre) have been providing input as internal critical readers. We are also delighted to have the expertise and experience of  Dr Mark Hay as our external critical reader.

During the next month, the continued support and input of DUT staff will be crucial in ensuring that the final Self Evaluation Report (SER) submitted to the Council on Higher Education (CHE) accurately reflects our processes and practices for teaching, learning, assessment, research and community engagement, and the support services provided for student success.  There are some areas of excellence within the university that deserve to be recognised for the work they have done, and of course, there is always room for improvement. This has been a time for the university people to reflect upon all their work and their contributions towards the university’s success. There have been staff responses indicating that the process has been useful in giving them an opportunity to scrutinize systems, processes and practices, to acknowledge successes and to identify challenges to address.

The Advocacy campaign is in the process of logistical preparation and compiling the SER cover page. Print and social media awareness campaigns will begin late January 2023.

The findings of the Institutional Audit will reflect on all of us and its impact will be felt by all of us. We thus appeal to all university people who have not yet reviewed the SER and given feedback to do so within the next two weeks.  Anyone who would like to do so is most welcome draft SER link below. Any and all feedback will be gratefully received.

This is the link to the draft Self Evaluation Report (Draft SER Report link) CQPA – WGIA – All Documents (sharepoint.com)

Pictured:  The Institutional Committee members in discussions at an Institutional workshop.

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