Mduna Had a Strong Conviction to Succeed Despite Challenges

Mduna Had a Strong Conviction to Succeed Despite Challenges

Ntokozo Mduna (3)

Ntokozo Mduna finally found his passion in Internal Auditing after initially dropping out of the Quantity Surveying programme at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in 2014.

“I studied two qualifications before Internal Auditing, which I ended up dropping out because I could not cope with the pressure and events that were happening in my life at the time. I always say that Internal Auditing came to my salvation,” said Mduna who was conferred his National Diploma in Internal Auditing, which he obtained with Cum Laude and Deans Merit Award this afternoon, Monday 13 May 2019, at Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus in Durban.

After spending 2015 sitting idle at home Mduna decided to do something about his life. “It got to a point in the beginning of 2016 where I decided that I had to take my life into my own hands. So I applied for Internal Auditing, where I was fortunate to find space. I was told that I was going to struggle since I did not study accounting in high school, which was the case, but I had a sense of determination and could not allow that statement to deter me,” he said.

“From 2016 it’s been a breath of fresh air, the knowledge I’ve gained has allowed me to critically think about life and challenges me to be thoughtful about the decisions I make. In my second year I got the opportunity to be a tutor for the Residence Educational Programme, which has been a really eye opening and informative experience for me. I also had dedicated lecturers who shared and explained the subject content in a way that encouraged learning,” he added.

Mduna said he feels a great sense of gratitude and accomplishment about his graduation. “The hours I spent studying, the sacrifices of my mother, all accumulate to this point where I get to take home a University qualification,” he said.

He says he owes a lot of gratitude to his mother for always believing in him. “My mother exemplifies courage and fortitude to me. She has had every reason to give up, but she chose to make something of her life,” said Mduna.

Mduna said he is always encouraged by the words of his pastor, that ‘we are the summation of the daily decisions that we make’. “Success and accolades don’t happen by mere chance, and though for some it does, but for most we have to purposefully make decisions that will affect our tomorrow,” he said.

He is currently enrolled for BTech in Internal Auditing at DUT, and says he is looking forward to the world of work once he has completed his studies.

Pictured: Ntokozo Mduna

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