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Naicker Strives To Make The Impossible Possible!

Naicker Strives To Make The Impossible Possible!

Having a passion for building design and construction science attracted Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) graduand Kimera Naicker to study Architectural Technology. She will be graduating with Cum Laude in her BTech in Architectural Technology, at DUT’s Virtual Graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 10 June 2020 at 12pm.

“After all those continuous cross nights of staying awake, trying to contemplate between going to lectures or completing a submission that’s due in a few hours and the constant need for caffeine. I am happy, shocked and content in finally getting something back,” she replied jubilantly.

Naicker is also excited to be a part of DUT’s Virtual Graduation ceremony, as this is the first time something like this is happening. “Yes, it is out of the norm because I won’t be dressing up in a gown and walking up to receive my award. When we look back 10 years from now, we will be the class that graduated through a world pandemic,” she said.

In recognition of her excellent academic achievement, she has also been given an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour Society, a non-profit academic organisation founded in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States by graduate students in 1977. The Society’s mission is to enable members to realise their potential through advancement in academic, leadership and service.

Speaking about her future plans after graduation, she indicated that she does plan on studying further, but for now, she has taken a gap year and is on the hunt for a job.

“I would like to further my studies and become a fully-fledged architect. I hope to work in a well -established Architectural Company and be a breath of fresh air in the Architectural world, and be one of the females that contribute to new Architectural developments,” she added.

Imparting her words of wisdom to prospective students, Naicker said that this was not a career field for the faint-hearted. “If you have a passion for it then that it will be the fuel to drive you through the storm! Architecture is something very different, it allows you to develop out-of-the-box thinking. Architecture is a career that turns your imagination into reality. Prepare yourself for long hours of work, sleepless nights and make the best of friends, as you will all be leaning on each other for that extra boost of confidence and support,” said Naicker.

Pictured: Kimera Naicker

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