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“My journey with Durban University of Technology (DUT) was really an exciting one. I learnt the basics and foundations of the Journalism industry, as you would expect for an undergraduate,” said DUT Alumni Andile Ndlovu.

He is super proud of himself that his podcasts are topping the charts.

“Now that I am a Senior Communications Specialist, in the field, it is easier for me to assist others where I can,” he said. The spunky Ndlovu obtained his National Diploma in Journalism from DUT, and says he is still in contact with his fellow classmates and tries to help whenever they need help with certain assignments or tasks.

The Durban-born Ndlovu says he has been doing interviews, writing profiles for people and VOX POPS in the streets for many years. “The idea for the podcast really started around 2017/2018 and at that time I did not think I had the necessary tools that is needed, but also, I had not narrowed down the topics that I wanted to cover for my podcast. COVID-19 forced me to sit down, focus and actually do my topics in this time-frame,” he said.

Ndlovu says the pandemic hindered him from recording from podcast studios but with the help of his amazing social media audience, Ndlovu decided on buying his own equipment to record his podcast.

He said, “I received overwhelming, positive responses from people who recommended that I go out there and spend the last bit of my money because this really is a passion of mine. My podcast is called Remember When with Andile Ndlovu. It is meant to be a nostalgic celebration of our most memorable moments, especially in terms of entertainment, arts and culture and sports,” said Ndlovu.

He says he went on to his old, resourceful contact book to seek for guests for his show. The columnist has hosted some prominent guests in the field, namely: Actress Sthandiwe Kgoroge, singer Heinz Winckler (First SA Idol winner), former South African professional swimmer (1996 Gold medallist) Penelope Heyns and former member of the once popular ‘Jamali’ group, Jacqui Carpede, to name but a few.

Ndlovu says his passion for podcasts keeps him going. “So far the feedback has been really good, people are loving it and giving comments in terms of topics that they would like for me to cover, which keeps me going,” he said.

Explaining how the podcast will go, Ndlovu said: “Each season is going to have 10 episodes and I am busy wrapping up season one now, and in the new year he will begin to work on season two, and hopefully have a producer who would handle some of the work for me.”

Ndlovu’s podcasts can be accessed on all podcast platforms.

Pictured: Andile Ndlovu

Nikiwe Sukazi

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