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PHD Graduates Building Peace Through Active Research

PHD Graduates Building Peace Through Active Research

Ululating sounds, thunderous applauds and lots of chanting and singing formed a major part of the Faculty of Management Sciences session which took place at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, at 9am, today.

Parents and graduands could not contain their excitement as each student was called to the podium to either receive their PHDs, Master’s or Diplomas, on stage.
Four students from the University’s Peacebuilding Programme, a programme that has been labeled as the largest of its kind in Africa, received their Doctorate degrees today, (11 May 2018) at the 9am DUT Durban Centre’s graduation ceremony.

The four graduates: Drs Tlohang Letsie, Dumizulu Manungo, Buhlebenkosi Maphosa and Innocent Mutero have graduated with degrees originating from action research that will make an actual difference in people’s lives.
Dr Tlohang Letsie focused his dissertation study on: Demilitarising the mountain kingdom: an action research project in Lesotho. His aim of his study was to help educate the population concerning the various benefits of demilitarisation. “For some countries, there is a strong case for not having a military and Lesotho is one of these. This study could lend itself to the decision to demilitarize in the next few years,” he said.
He also added that he is on the verge of submitting a manuscript on his research for publication.
Dr Mutero’s research was based on conflict resolution through music and dance. His case study was on Mkoba, in Gweru Zimbabwe.

grew up seeing the conflict in Zimbabwe. I focused on music as Zimbabweans find solace in music,” he said.
He stressed that his academic research path would not have been possible without the support of his family and his supervisor, Prof Geoff Harris and co-supervisor Dr Sylvia Kaye, who have both went out of their way to ensure he had all the research and push him through when he needed it.

Dr Maphosa, also expressed receiving her Doctorate. “I am very happy and so grateful to my supervisor Dr Sylvia Kaye, who has been instrumental in helping me through this journey.
“I am now looking at forming a non-profit organisation which focuses on peace-building within the corporate world,” she said.

Both supervisors, Dr Kaye and Prof Harris said the research done were an accomplishment to all four graduates and that their active research work was a foundation in the next phase of their academic journey.

Pictured: Drs Tlohang Letsie, Dumizulu Manungo, Buhlebenkosi Maphosa and Innocent Mutero.

Waheeda Peters

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