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The Durban University of Technology’s Public Relations Department hosted its annual 3rd year students’ entrepreneurship workshop at Coastlands Hotel last Wednesday (October, 03 2018).

The workshop aimed at equipping students with industry based skills from experts in their field. Various companies from the sector addressed issues such as effective communication, creativity and work etiquette to name but few.

However, the workshop also exposed students to ideas on how they can become entrepreneurs and create their own jobs to eradicate the country’s ever growing youth unemployment.

Welcoming the students third year PR Department Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Co-ordinator, Dr Nalini Govindsamy said that with such a workshop it is not only the students that benefit but lecturers as well.

Govindsamy said that entrepreneurship in the country was important and encouraged students to always create employment opportunities for themselves by being innovative and creative as PR Practitioners.

“According to the National Development Plan of 2030, it says that the current generation of young people in South Africa can contribute greatly to expand the country’s productive work force, but in order for this to be achieved education skills and programmes that promote job creation and entrepreneurship are crucial,” said Dr Govindsamy.

Dr Govindsamy stated that at the PR Department they have set plans and goals to help students move forward and a number of activities are being carried out including the visits of guest lecturers who possess rich experience from the industry.

Mashtarii Solution CEO, Richard Hall congratulated the students and said that they stood a better chance of being employed compared to those with matric only as a qualification.

“You are in the right place, but at the same time you cannot rely only on your degrees,” said Hall.

He further commended DUT for its initiative to promote entrepreneurship as a solution to graduate unemployment. Hall said that students should build network relations with government agencies that help develop small business enterprise in the country.

Giving advice on how to survive as a young entrepreneur DUT PR Department alumni and Wisolve Chief Executive Officer, Terry Mavundla said that being an entrepreneur needed discipline, creativity and resilience.

“This is the time for you to start a business while you still have less responsibilities and exposed to a whole lot of resources that you can use at your benefit,” said Mavundla.

He further emphasised to students that being in business was not easy and one had to prioritise and work hard to be successful.

Pictured: PR Department staff, students and their guests during the third year annual entrepreneurship workshop.

Mbuso Kunene.

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